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Another Cold 'Snow' Day

We are having rolling blackouts and we are cold. It's 16 degrees here. Our house is not that well sealed. We have some old windows that we were not able to replace. One can feel the cold air come in from the doors. We put towels on the floor to keep the breeze from coming. If I could I'd stay in my warm bed all day.
My dad came down from his house (lives behind us) and he sitting here sipping a cup of coffee (the power is back on) wearing his thick, huge Viking jacket that my sis, MaryEllen got him many moons ago.
When he lived in Ca. he really didn't have any use for it but God knew. Now that he lives here in Texas he uses it every winter!

My hubby, still working from home, so I probably won't be able to write until late.

Stay warm,
Linda (who is wearing two robes and a scarf)


  1. Wow Linda, it's quite warm here in FL today. I even have my a.c. on. I hope there isn't a cold front coming my way. Wear double socks and put sheets over the windows if you have to. We did this in NJ when it became unbearably cold. Don't miss that at all...

    Sending warm hugs and wishes your way!!!

  2. :) Your sign-off made me smile. It must be cold if you have to layer your robes! ;)


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