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Week 20

Week 20! February 7th-11th 2011

I can't believe we are on week 20!!! 16 weeks to go. Does not feel like it. Although we do school through summer.
Makes me feel like we better get a move-on with some of our schooling. We should be further in a few things. Bob Jones Math and Saxon Phonics comes to mind.

Lance School
Lance, completed week 2 of Easy Classical K. We will continue with week 2 though, because he hasn't memorized all his Chatacisms and his memory verse.
Today, I read a Princess and a Pea. I had Lance, give me a narration and I wrote it down.

Here are some pictures of what Lance completed.
Math via DreamBox Math
 Geography. I colored most of the pictures. Lance did the ocean and the mountain. He also made the suns. He was singing, "Happy sun, happy sun." as he made them. We cut and pasted them in the correct box.
 Lance, made a picture of me.
 Made his lunch all by himself.
 Helped me carry the slippery ice away. I shoveled it in and he wheeled it away. We also found some possum tracks.

Ethan School
Ethan, completed three Saxon Phonics lessons this week. Yesterday, he did Assessment 12. He had to spell 'little, handle, maple, sniff and shop' he missed two words 'maple and little'. He read a short paragraph and answered questions. He missed one question. He pronounced 'were' as 'where'. He missed 3 out of 25. I think he passed!
Today we did half of lesson 66. I don't think he understood what a 'compound' word is. We would have finished the lesson but I got hungry and shaky, so we had to stop and eat.
We reviewed the 'c' sound today. I wrote all the sounds.
 I would write a word and Ethan, had to figure out which /c/ ending to use.
 We are still using Language Arts Through Literature. We are slowly making our way.
I read the story about Mr. Rabbit and he had to sequence and tell back the story.
For math, Ethan used DreamBox Math.

Brent School
I don't have any photos of Brent, but he's getting it done. He has been working through MCP Plaid Phonics, Spelling Workout, Cursive First and DreamBox Math. He also uses Math Rider to keep those math facts memorized. We need to get back to our regular scheduled math (Saxon).
Both Caleb and Brent, started Saxon Phonics 2. I ordered it for Ethan, so thought we might as well use it. I do two lessons in one day and we are not using the workbooks. This is a refresher course for them and hopefully it'll be their last course with Phonics.

Caleb School
Completing a MCP Phonics lesson.

Caleb, also completed four days of Bob Jones Math. Next week he'll have a test and move onto Chapter 6. He completed a chapter of Spelling Workout and A Reason for Handwriting.
His workload seems light and probably is, so I'm looking forward to next year. We will add Shurley Grammar, Latin, Writing, Copy work and some narrations. I would start now but still need to finish purchasing everything. We will use Easy Classical.

Annette School
My girl is taking a once a week sewing class at the church. She is going to make an Easter dress. This is part of school but it's one of those subjects where we don't feel like it's school. Sort of like history. It's too fun to be 'school' but it is. Did I confuse you?
Annette's math this week was Math Whizz. She enjoys using the computer for school subjects. She has used Math-Whizz for two weeks and as already improved by 6.5 percent.
Some of Annette's favorite subjects are Saxon Grammar and Math using either Saxon or Math Whizz.

Joshua School
Josh, does so much extra school stuff that's not considered school but would look good on his portfolio. He currently is writing some of my dad's funny childhood stories. He is getting a sermon ready for his AWANA class and journals daily. These are not school subjects but I secretly count them. Hee, hee.
Josh, is doing well in math. I added Math-Whizz+MathRider to his daily math class. He is still working away using Spectrum Math books.
Here is Josh, working on Grandpa's memories.
 Joshua, is using Pattern Based Writing
 He has to write some A,B,C sentences (I'll have to explain more in another post)
He continues to practice spelling words using Word Builders from A.C.E. I'm looking into maybe using Spelling Power next school year.

This is getting long, so I'll stop here. I usually write daily about the children and school, so feel free to hit the "Home" button, scroll down and read more about Homeschooling6!
Have a nice weekend.


  1. thanks for sharing. I'd love to see pictures of the easter dress.

  2. Sounds like a great week to me! I can't wait to see Annette's dress, and you have to tell me more about Pattern Based Writing. It looks good! ;)


  3. I'm excited to see Annette's dress also! I agree, history and sewing are "too fun" to really count as school!

    My goodness, you are a busy mama! I feel like I have nothing to get stressed over when I look at what I'm doing and then see what you're doing! Good job and thanks for the inspiration. :)

  4. Looks like a good, full week. I'm starting to feel like we need to get moving on some things too. Can't believe how quickly the year is passing.

  5. Love the photos... especially Lance's lunch!


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