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Week 21

Week 21. February 14-18, 2011. Homeschool Day 106.

It's been a good week and a Mocha sounds like a perfect ending to a perfect week.
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All the children completed math. Annette and Josh using Math-Whizz and Math Rider. The four younger ones using DreamBox Math. Yesterday and today we did light school, here at Homeschooling6. It gave us a chance to all 'hang' out together and connect with one another. We had lots of fun cleaning yesterday. We opened the windows and put some Coffee Tunes on and just had a wonderful time being with each other.

I didn't want to open some of the windows because not all of them have screens but I needed to feel the breeze and opened them anyway . It was a beautiful day. The birds were singing and there was a nice soft breeze. I prayed and asked God if he could please keep the creepy crawlers from coming in. Thankfully we didn't have one uninvited bug.

Today, I did do some school with Lance. He is on week 3 of Easy Classical K.
Lance, completed 1 pgs of Spelling Workout and did two lessons of Phonics. We have gone over his verse and Chatacisms all week. He didn't complete everything, so he'll continue with week 3 on Monday.
As you can see he's so happy to learn today.

 He completed a Saxon Math lesson. Instead of him drawing the balls for the number sentence, we used our gems. Same with coloring all the triangles, we used the gems instead.
 Here is a happier Lance.
 I read King Lion and the Beetle.
I'm loving Easy Classical K because I'm doing Bible and read aloud time with Lance. The read aloud is not overwhelming. It's very manageable. Lance, is also doing narrations too.

Ethan, only completed one Saxon Phonics lesson this week (I know, really bad).
  1. Monday, we normally don't do a lesson, but review.
  2. Tuesday, we completed a lesson.
  3. Wednesday, my dad took Ethan and a few other kiddos with him on some errands.
  4. Thursday, we cleaned the house and had a good ole time just having fun.
  5. Friday, today we did go over his sight words, and all the review decks but didn't actually do a lesson.
  6. That's what happened and how we only finished one lesson. Ethan, completed math everyday with DreamBox math. He's working on his Sparks verse.

Caleb, completed three Bob Jones Math lessons, did lots of MCP Phonics pages and completed lesson 4 of Spelling Workout. Tomorrow (I know it's Saturday) he will do some copy work.
Brent, is basically the same as Caleb. Only difference is he doesn't use Bob Jones Math. Right now he uses Saxon 3 + DreamBox + Math Rider.

Joshua, started off this week strong but it dwindled as the day of my sister coming to visit drew nearer. He did complete a lesson of Pattern Based Writing, which took him two days to complete. He did math daily.
Annette, did half a Learning Language Arts Through Literature lesson, two Saxon Math lessons and Math-Whizz daily.

Yesterday, my sister Diana and niece Natalie came for a visit. They live four hours away and we haven't seen each other in three years. My sister and I had a wonderful time visiting with each other. I put Star Wars 2 on for the kiddos, so we could chat, otherwise the kiddos would take over my sis ;)
I would have liked for her visit to have been longer than an over night stay. She came to pick-up my dad. He's staying with her for a week. He's going to love her house. It's so beautiful. My sister should have been an interior designer.
Here is a picture of Annette, my niece Natalie and my sister Diana.
 Natalie and Annette.
 The cousins.
 From left to right. Lance 6yrs. Natalie 6yrs. Annette 11yrs. Joshua 12yr. Ethan 8yrs. Caleb 10yrs. Brent 9yrs.
My sister Diana, has two daughters. Natalie and Amanda. My niece Amanda is 20yrs. old and lives in CA, so we didn't get to see her. My sweet Manda Girl. I miss her.

That was our 21st week!


  1. Sounds like you got to all the important stuff. ;)

  2. That sad face of Lance is cute! A mc Cafe drink sounds yum!!

  3. You are so blessed to have so many sisters that come and visit you. I love Lance's sad face, it's so cute! They are so darn cute when they are bad, aren't they...hehe...;)

  4. Aahh, you are making me miss my kids and sisters!! Love the pictures you posted of all the kids with Natalie...but why does Brent look mad or is the sun in his eyes? Glad you had a fun time visit with Diana :)


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