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Week 22

Week 22. February 21-25, 2011. Homeschool Day 112.

Our weeks are busy but great. I still need to check some work but here's what we did.

Joshua, 7th Grade:
He's continuing to outline from Bob Jones Heritage Study. This is something new for Josh, we haven't done too much of it in the past. He also completed Pattern 3: Chunking Down (Get More Specific. Give More Detail) from Pattern Based Writing.
With math, he loves Math-Whizz + Math Rider. His scores are improving. He also completed 7pgs. from Spectrum Math. He's having a bit of trouble understanding long division like 3 divided by 975. He gets the steps mixed up, but I have been working with him and I see some light bulbs turning on.
Reading he is using Any Novel Study Guide and completed three days worth. He still needs to finish days 4 & 5. This week he is analyzing characters, using character sheets. His writing assignment was to write a one paragraph summary of the person's character. Everyday he finds words to add to his vocabulary list and writes a one sentence summary for each chapter.
Learning Language Arts Through Literature he finished lesson 11. It's five days worth.
He continues to practice the Greek Alphabet using Elemental Greek. He copied John 1:1a in Greek. Practiced translating some words and wrote the present tense of verb ending.
Spelling, he has learned a few more words. It's coming slowly. Grammar, he did a few pages from Spectrum Grammar. Next week he will start back with Saxon Grammar.
Bible, Josh, continues to dig deeper in God's word. I'm so proud of how diligent he is with reading and studying his Bible.

Annette 5th Grade:

Annette, completed her first week of Hands on Essays. She is working on a five paragraph, expository essay.
Megawords 3, she is almost done with it. She completed 6pgs. I'm not sure if she'll continue with Megawords 4. Next year she will use Bob Jones Spelling because it comes with the dvd package.
Learning Language Arts Through Literature, she completed lesson 13.
Elemental Greek, she practices the alphabet every day. This week she translated a few sentences.
Bob Jones Heritage Studies, she studied the Middle West, the Southwest and completed Quiz 5A.
Math, she completed Saxon Math lessons 27-30 and still needs to take the test.
Saxon Grammar she completed lessons 38-40 and passed test 7. Both Annette and Josh, have voiced that they like Saxon Grammar. Eeeks, next year they are both switching to Bob Jones.
Annette, loves Math-Whizz and Math Rider.

Caleb, 4th Grade:

Caleb, completed Chapter 6 of Bob Jones Math 4. I just signed him up for Math-Whizz and like his older siblings, he loves it. He was using DreamBox Math, which is geared for K-3rd. Caleb, has almost completed the 3rd grade level, plus he's in 4th grade and thought Math-Whizz might be more of a challenge for him. He was happy to switch.
Caleb, completed 10pgs. of MCP Phonics 2 and passed his spelling test list 5.

Brent 3rd Grade:

Completed three lessons of Saxon Math 3 + lots of lesson with DreamBox Math + Math Rider.
Spelling Workout-completed lesson 5. He still needs to take his spelling test.
MCP Phonics C- He completed 10pgs.

Ethan 2nd Grade:

Completed lots of math lessons via DreamBox Math.
Saxon Phonics 1, completed three math lessons. He did well on the Assessment.

Lance, completed Week 3 of Easy Classical.
Yesterday we made 'Little Bird' who goes hop, hop, hop.
 Front of Little Bird.
 When we completed Little Bird, Lance said, "Where's his tail?" so we gave Little Bird a tail.
 Not very happy to complete a McRuffy Math lesson.

I forgot to add that Josh and Annette, are using Sonlight Science 5, but they both prefer a textbook, so they are slowly making their way through it. They are enjoying all the books that came with it and learning about the human body.


  1. Tell Lance he did a great job on his Little Bird :)

  2. What a full week of learning! Love Little Bird!


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