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Annette's Schedule

Here is what Annette's schedule looks like. She is in 5th grade. We are having a light Monday because the public school is having their spring break. which means all the children in the neighborhood will be outside and mine having fun schooling ;) so, we'll see how much actually gets done (sigh).
Week 25.

Bible, study her AWANA verses.

Saxon Math:
  1. Monday-Saxon Math 6/5-Investigation 4 and lesson 41
  2. Tuesday-lesson 42
  3. Wednesday-lesson 43
  4. Thursday-lesson 44
  5. Friday-lesson 45
Saxon Grammar 5:
  1. Tuesday lesson 47
  2. Wednesday lesson 48
  3. Thursday lesson 49
Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5:
  1. Monday Chapter 5 test
  2. Tuesday Activity pg. 75. Each page tells Annette, what textbook pages to read. Once done reading she completes the activity page.
  3. Wed. Activity pg. 76
  4. Thur. Activity pg. 77-78
  5. Friday activity pg. 79-80
Writing Tales 2:
  1. Monday workbook pg 70. Read the story. pg. 72-73
  2. Tue. p. 74-75
  3. Wed. p. 76-77 and see mom.
  4. Thur. p. 79-80 see mom
  5. Fri. p. 82-83 writes her rough draft.
Spelling Megawords
  1. Tue. pgs. 88-89
  2. Wed. 90-91
  3. Thur. 92-93
  4. Fri. 94-95
Learning Language Arts Through Literature:
  1. Tue. p. 145-146 assessment
  2. Wed. lesson 16.1 and 16.2
  3. Thur. lesson 16.3
  4. Friday lesson 16.4
Not sure if Wed. she will be able to complete two lessons in that day. If not we will shift things down and next Monday she can start with lesson 16.4.

Greek, I haven't scheduled in yet.

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  1. Wow, Linda! She's doing very nicely this year! Way to go, Annette! I hope my Joshua can work this hard when he's in the 5th grade next school year.

    Dee :)


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