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Banana Clips

My ten year old banana clip that I love broke today. I was really not happy because I don't see banana clips in the stores these days. I have looked but only can find a half sized one. I have searched on the web but was never able to find banana clips. I've been so careful with the one I had because I'm not sure how or when I'll get another.

Guess what? I decided that since my sleepy clock is off I'd do a web search. I found a place called The Hair Covering Store and now have four banana clips on it's way to Homeschooling6! I was able to get a pink one too!

And another plus. They take paypal. I happened to have $20.00 in my account and lastly, I didn't pay shipping. It was Free Shipping Day! Wahoo.

Update: the banana clips where a little to small and didn't work out.


  1. Aside from reminding me of Georgi's visor from Star Trek Next Gen, these things bring back college memories. My college roommate wore banana clips all the time. I used to tease her that she was going to attract a gorilla. And in high school, one of my friend's on danceline would always be redoing the banana clip in her hair while we were stretching out. Ahhh - those wonderful '80's.

  2. :) Glad you found one! I haven't worn one of these in ages because I couldn't find the long ones either. I'm going to have to check out the website. Thanks for sharing the link! Oh, and you should take a picture of you in your banana clip when they arrive ;)

  3. Oh good! So glad you found one. The Lord was looking after you with the free shipping and all. :)


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