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Day 114

Another beautiful day. It's a bit chilly, but that's how I like it. I did half my schooling on the front porch. Brent, let me use one of his blankets, I wrapped it around me, grabbed my books and had porch-school.

I didn't take any pictures of Lance. He started Easy Classical K week 4. Today I read a fable, went over his Chatachisms questions and read the next story "Daniel's Spiritual Birthday", read from My ABC Bible Verses, Hiding God's Word in Little Hearts and had him narrate one of the stories back to me. I didn't write it down though, because Lance, was all over the place with the story. I need to teach him how to sequence.
Lance, made his own lunch and ate out on the porch. Annette, brought her Saxon Grammar to work on.
 In between teaching, the kiddos would ride their bikes. Lance, fell in the mud.
 I'm not exactly sure how he fell, if it was more than a splash or what. I didn't actually see the fall. He did have mud but it wasn't all over him.
Brent, riding in the background.

Ethan, is more than half way done with Saxon Phonics 1. Yahoo!
Today he completed lesson 72. He spelled words using the 'ch' sound and coded and read all the words himself.
He also did a little tick-tack-toeing on his paper.
 Working on a Saxon Math lesson.

He also worked on the computer for math via DreamBox.

I helped Annette, with her outline. She is writing an Essay using Hands on Essay. She really likes this program. In fact Josh and I were having fun watching her lessons yesterday evening. I think we watched three lessons, just because they were entertaining. Annette's is writing about her favorite dog breed.

Caleb, is really loving Math-Whizz. By the time I wake up, he's been on the computer doing math for at least 40 minutes. He has passed his actual age already (10.43). He started at a math age of 10.34 and today is at 10.53.
It is getting more challenging for him and I do have to sit with him now-and-then to show or explain something to him. A few neat features of Math-Whizz is, if he scores really low, I can click on that lesson and go through it with him. Also, in the Parent Dashboard, I can see what my child will play next and sometimes we'll use those as practice too. If they are not sure what they are doing, those two features really help.
Math-Whizz also lets the children 'replay' previous lessons. The replay lessons are great for practice. I have my children replay lessons that they sort of get and scored a passing grade but still can use more practice to better understand what they are doing.

My sweet, Brent, I looked over from the porch to see him helping his little cousin fix her bike.

 I'm so glad I had my camera.
Brent, was riding his bike up and down the street. We live on a dead end street. About four houses down, Brent was waiting patiently for a truck to back out of a driveway, and may I add a loud big truck with an over sized muffler that lets out tons of exhaust. The truck started down the street, Brent saw that it was safe to ride (even with all the smoke in his face). The guy in the truck started to back up. Brent, saw him, so he backed up too. Brent, is a smart little guy and is a safe distant behind the truck. So, the truck-guy is backing up so he can get close to his mailbox and get his mail. Now, remember my little guys waited patiently, had exhaust in his face, is at a safe distance behind the truck. The guy yelled to Brent, "Hey, mother f'er, get out of the way!" and drove off.
When Brent, reached the house, I told him, he didn't do anything wrong and the guy didn't have to yell and call him a name. Because the guy's truck was so loud, Brent, didn't hear him. Brent, didn't realize the guy was rude to him, thank the Lord, he didn't hear those mean, awful words.

My Sweets, surprised me with my favorite fast food last night. I thought the ketchup packet was so cute, that I had to snap a picture.

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  1. Thank the Lord he didn't hear such horrible things. The Lord shielded him, PTL! I try to take moments like that to show my children just how desperately people need Jesus, but it hurts no matter what.


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