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Day 115

I took a few pictures of the kiddos work today.
Ethan, did a Saxon Math page  and a Saxon Phonics 1 page. With Saxon Phonics, I pulled yesterday's lesson and had him do the "Homework" side. We went over the review decks and called it a day with Phonics.
 Annette's dictation from Learning Language Arts Through Literature.
 Joshua, completed his 4th Pattern using Pattern Based Writing. This chapter concentrated with "Chunking Up" (Get more general. See the bigger picture) for example A.doing the laundry B. washing the dishes C. taking out the trash. The topic would be chores . A, B & C where the smaller picture. The topic chores was more general.
Last week he was 'Chunking Down'. On his worksheet the topic was given to him. For example 'Summer'. Josh had to give more detail for the word 'summer'. A. hot B. fun C. swimming.
 I didn't get too much done with Lance, today. Maybe tonight I can fit some math and phonics in for him. Joshua, woke at 5:00 a.m. to start school. He likes getting it done, so he can do what he wants. Today, it was helping Brent, build a table with the left over wood from the fence. It's old rotting wood but they don't care.

Here is one way I'm trying to save money. I buy store-brand coffee and mix it with a more expensive coffee, like Starbucks.
 Yesterday, Ethan took a bath. He timed himself. One hour and forty-four minutes. He smelled so nice!
 Lance, taking a nap.
 He's my baby, and so I still take pictures of his cute, little-big feet.
 He fell asleep on his back-pack. We plan to go camping at the end of this month. Lance, is already packed!!!
 Caleb, where are you? Oh, he's in there all right. I see his feet.


  1. Hehe...love the pic of the toes...I still kiss Gabriela's little toes (and she is almost 6)...so sweet :-)

  2. The picture of Ethan with the timer made me smile. That must of been one enjoyable bath to last almost two hours :D


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