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Day 119

Other than loosing my cool for a while our day has been pretty good. With regards to loosing my cool, I had to ask God and my child to forgive me. I hate when I'm rude to my children because something else is on my mind and bothering me. So, uncool.

It just started raining (3:34p.m.) how I love the rain. I heard thunder too.

As for school, I didn't take any pictures but here's the break-down (if interested, I know my sis (MaryEllen) skips these kind of post)

  • Completed a Bob Jones Math lesson 81 with Caleb.
Our math lesson took about an hour today. Caleb's having trouble understand 3 digit division. He gets 2 digit division though. I think he is forgetting a step. He keeps jumping ahead a step.
  • Reading with Caleb.
  • Reading with Brent
  • Saxon Math lesson 66 with Brent
  • Saxon Math lesson 13 with Ethan
  • Saxon Phonics lesson 74 with Ethan
  • Megawords dictation with Annette
I was going to do a math lesson with Lance, but he's having a not-so-good day too. He's the one I had to apologize to.

It's raining really hard now (3:44). I keep my kitchen window open, so I can hear it. Thank you, Lord for the rain.

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  1. LOL, not always...sometimes I skim through them ;) Enjoy the rain and don't forget to make a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate!