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Day 120

Beware, I took a lot of pictures today, so it may be a long post. Make sure you have your cup of java ;)

We started school at 9:00 a.m. I tutored:
  • Caleb, Bob Jones Math 4
  • Caleb, reading
  • Brent, reading
  • Brent, Saxon Math 3
  • Josh, read the WTM on outlining
  • Josh, went over long division
by this time it was noon. We broke for lunch and at 1:00 p.m. I:
  • Did McRuffy Phonics with Lance (barely completed lesson 18)
  • Saxon Math 1 with Lance
  • Dictated Megawords list to Annette
in between, put out a few fires with the children. At 2:00 p.m. everyone is having quiet time.
Notice I didn't get anything done with Ethan. I schooled 4hrs. Normally I'd school Ethan, in the evening but today is AWANA, so I won't be getting anymore school in today. I usually spend at least 6 hours teaching.
This is how my dinner table looks right now.

My first tutoring session was with Caleb. We did about 20 minutes of reading and then math. Caleb, is learning about long division. I was so excited to have some light bulb moments of my own today.
I know how to do long division, but before 605 divided by 3 where just numbers to me. They had no value. I didn't see the place value of the numbers. While teaching Caleb, using the manipulatives I realized that each number meant something. 6 was 600. Again, I know that 605 is six hundred five but the way Bob Jones teaches it I see the value of the numbers. 6 hundreds, 0 tens, 5 ones. Anyway, I was so excited!!! It was like the time I was teaching him to add and subtract money. We would say 5 cents and 3 cents or 20 cents and 50 cents etc. Basically what it comes down to for me, is I didn't have a solid foundation with place value. I only saw numbers on paper.

Joshua, is using Sonlight Science 5, here are some pictures of what he did today. I'm going to be honest. I asked Josh, to please color some of his science pages because when I read other homeschooling blogs, I see so many pretty school work. Lapbooks, really nice science pages, history notebook pages that are so nicely done. After Josh, colored a few pages, he said, he enjoyed it!

Another confession, my 7th grader has not done much outlining, okay, he's done none. Today, I sat with him and read from The Well Trained Mind book 'How to Outline'. Hopefully from here on out there will be more outlining pages. Josh, is going to practice the two-level outlines for a while.

Lance, had to listen to words and decide if the /s/ sound was at the beginning, middle or end and hold up a 1, 2 or 3. This is hard for Lance, he has a hard time figuring out where the /s/ was. With the word 'silly' I had to put all the numbers in a row and with my finger slide across the numbers as I said the word slowly. He also practiced blending.
For the number sentence we used 'gems' and a playmobile man. I think the sentence was something like this. Ted had 2 dogs in his yard and 3 more came to play. The playmobile was Ted and the gems were the dogs :)
He was laughing.
We counted to sixteen. We also counted sixteen as one-ten six.

Annette, working on Megawords (spelling) I'm dictating words to her.
I said, "Smile Annette."
Completed work.

Brent, also completed a Saxon Math lesson, Reading lesson and a Primary Language Arts lesson. He still needs to complete spelling.

Adding picture of Lance, from this morning. I looked out the window and saw Lance, wearing his hat (my MIL bought that hat for Josh, when he was six from Old Navy)

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