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Day 121

I should take a nap right now but this is the only time I will get to post my pictures and write about our school day. I have a hard time journaling on paper, I don't scrapbook anymore, so blogging is the way to go for me with keeping those memories for the children.

Here are the tutoring sessions I had today:
  • Saxon Phonics lesson with Ethan
  • McRuffy Math and Saxon Math lesson with Ethan
  • Phonics Pathway dictation with Caleb
  • Reading with Caleb
  • Reading with Brent
  • McRuffy Phonics with Lance
  • Saxon Math with Lance
  • Learning Language Arts with Literature with Ethan
  • Quick math session with Caleb, he didn't understand something from yesterdays assignment.
I think that's all the sessions I had. I didn't get to do Bob Jones Math with Caleb, but he did an hour of Math-Whizz today.
This is the 'Hot Seat'. When I am going to teach a student, I call them and say, "You're in the hot seat." and they know it's their turn for a tutoring session.

Caleb, working on Bob Jones Math. He's completing yesterdays work.

Today I dictated sentences from Phonics Pathways pg.89.
He likes to draw while we do this assignment.
I had him copy the double 'ee' words. I would normally dictate them but I didn't have time, so I thought copying them would be the next best thing. Since there is no real rule when to use 'ee' or 'ea' for the long sound of /E/, I wanted him to copy the words to help him know when to use the double 'ee'.

To help Caleb and Brent become more fluent readers we are using Dancing Bears Fast Track.

Today they completed pages 26-27. I'll have to blog more about this later to explain why we are using it ;)

Joshua, doing schoolwork.
His nice binder that we purchased at the beginning of the year broke, so now he is using those pocket folders.
Annette and Brent.
Brent's little pencil. He's working on MCP Plaid Phonics Book C.
Wonder how much longer he'll be using that pencil.

Lance, thinking really hard. He had a McRuffy Phonics assessment today. He missed two out of ten.
I think it's going to take either a 1 1/2 or two years to finish McRuffy Phonics K. He is having a hard time. Hopefully, during the summer I can get more done with him. I really wanted him to be reading cvc words more fluently by now. Sometimes I think I should have purchased Saxon Phonics K for him because it has so much more review then McRuffy Phonics K. I like all the fun stuff (which we haven't got too yet) that McRuffy Phonics has though.
He was working on #8 when I took the "thinking" picture above. I said, 'sap' and he circled the word 'tap' and corrected when we were done.
When reading the word bass today he said it like this,  "b-a-s-s" he pronounced the 's' twice. He's so cute!
Completed Saxon Math. He was grumpy during this lesson.
The top row, I guided his hand. The bottom row he did all by himself. The one in the box came out pretty good.
Today I read The Crow and the Pitcher from Learning Language Arts Through Literature. We decided to try what the crow did.
If you look closely, you can see a light green line on the cup. That's how full we had it to start. By the time we put all the 'pebbles' in the water was almost to the top. All the children wanted to put some pebbles in.

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