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Day 123

Today we went on a field trip to a bookstore my dad has been telling us about. It's going out of business.
The normal price for Looking for Miza was $16.99. I paid $2.15.
I purchased all the books below plus more (kids took them before I took the picture) for $23.00.
The hardback book, Teetoncey was $17.00. I paid $2.15.  

After the bookstore we went to Wendy's. I purchased lunch for all seven of us for a little under $20.00. Lunch was less then the books.
This week Joshua is starting the Key to Fractions book.
In his Spectrum math book, he was going to start on fractions. He has trouble with fractions and I had this Key to book sitting on the shelf. I'm going to have him go through this series first, then add some Spectrum Math book pages. I signed him up for the Keyonline program that corresponds with the Key to Fractions and some of the other Key to books. It only cost $5.95 to sign him up for this service. Today he took the online pretest. The online pretest helps place him in the book. Joshua, has to start with page one :) Once he finished the online pretest, the program is having him complete pages 1-10. When he completes the pages he is to sign in and do the spot checks. The spot checks are problems from the workbook that he inputs. They are picked randomly so Josh, doesn't know which ones will be checked. If he passes the spot-checks he assigned more pages. Once done with all the spot-checks he takes a test. If he passes he moves onto the next book. If he doesn't pass the program will have him review certain pages from his workbook.

My only tutoring sessions I had today was with Joshua and Annette. With Josh, we went Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Greek and math. Annette, we went over her assignments for the week. I forgot, I did sit with Caleb to help him with one of his Math-Whizz lessons.
Tomorrow we'll start back with our regular scheduled program.


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  1. Wow, what a fun day you must of had! I love getting a TON of books for a itty bitty price ;) Wish I was there to share in your excitement.