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Day 129

My tutoring sessions for today:
  1. Saxon Phonics/Ethan
  2. Saxon Math 2/Ethan
  3. Saxon Math 3/Brent
  4. Phonics Falshcards/Lance
  5. Dancing Bears Reading/Caleb
  6. Dancing Bears Reading/Brent 
  7. Bob Jones Math 4/Caleb
  8. Soaring with Spelling/Ethan (pretest)
  9. Soaring with Spelling/Josh (pretest)
  10. Memory verse/Lance
  11. Read aloud/Lance

This is what my table looks like right now.
     Ethan and Lance, love to pick flowers for me. It's so windy today that they all fell over.
     The stud!
     Love his smile. It's so sweet and shows how much he loves me.
     His Saxon math sheet. I think DreamBox Math is really benefiting him. Adding numbers to equel ten, he can do them quickly. He doesn't have to stop to think. He just knows them now.
     He took his pretest. He missed the word cake. I wrote the word and went over the spelling rule with him, pointing as I talked. When explaining that we use a 'c' before the letter 'a' I am pointing to the letters. I then had him copy the word at the bottom where it says 'carry-over words'.
     Saxon Phonics lesson 77, Ethan learned the sound /ur/. The top flashcard shows a purse to remind him that 'ur' makes the /ur/ sound. He also learned that it's a combination, so he marks it with an arc.
     Ethan, spelled words with the combination /ur/ sound. He coded and read words as well.
    (he read two words wrong, can you find them?)
    With Lance, I went over his memory verse and read the story again. We are still finishing Easy Classical Week 4. Last week I didn't get anything done with him. It was a hectic week. Only the older kiddos did school.
     I read from Fables about the frogs and the rainbow.
     I am still using McRuffy K (will we ever finish it?) but am using Saxon Phonics flashcards. He can blend letters but still doesn't remember all the sounds that I've introduced him too.
    I checked out Bob Jones Heritage Studies 2 from our church library and am reading it to my younger crowd. Today I read about communities, fire station, post office, neighborhoods.
     Josh, is still working on pattern five. He has to write a paragraph using the topic sentence provided, three detailed sentences and an ending (sorry, I don't have it in front of me right now). Pattern Based Writing works so well for Joshua, because he needs something that is thought out and makes sense to him. If you have followed my blog you know that Josh, needs things very organized and easy to follow.
    Annette and Josh, contniue to do their full load. I need to take more pictures of their work and blog more. I'm really looking forward to using Bob Jones DVDs with them. Praying that we can also get at least one laptop computer. This would help out A LOT! Right now we have one computer that is hooked up to then internet, one computer in Joshua's room that we use for games, one television.
    The computer in Joshua's room (without internet) is sooooo slow and doesn't always work. Right now Joshua uses it to learn Spanish using Rosetta Stone, but to listen to an audio book, it's a hit or miss. Very frustrating.
    If we had to, we can make it work with what we have but I'd really love another computer.

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  1. Love the picture with Ethan and the flowers. You have such sweet sons! Tell them to pick some for Auntie Reff and take a picture and send it to me ;)


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