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Day 130

Tutoring sessions for today:
  • Saxon Math 3/Brent
  • Saxon Math 2/Ethan
  • Saxon Phonics 1/Ethan
  • Dancing Bears Reading/Brent
  • Phonics Flashcards and Blending/Lance
  • Catechisms questions/Lance
  • Soaring with Spelling/Ethan
  • Bob Jones Math 4/Caleb
Another Saxon Phonics lesson done! Yahoo!
Ethan, learned about the 2nd sound of the letter 'c'. It's soft sound /s/.
     Saxon Math lesson 34.
     Soaring with Spelling. I had Ethan, read the words, do the workbook page and spell the words out loud. "T-a-k-e, take, c-a-v-e cave." etc.
    Brent, completed Saxon Math lesson 62. I'm basically teaching from the page. I check the teacher manual but am not using it as is. Brent, also uses DreamBox online math and will eventually use Math-Whizz.
    Annette, taking a break between subjects.
    Today, I had Lance, go over his letter sounds and practiced blending (ba, ca, ta etc.) Tomorrow, he'll do the same thing and hopefully next week, we can start McRuffy K again.

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