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Day 135

My Sweets, brought home the mail but didn't tell me about all the wonderful homeschool catalogs. I found them this morning!
Three of my favorite homeschooling programs. That WinterPromise catalog is so pretty. Maybe in a few years I can use a their Jr. High programs with Caleb and Brent.
I think my Sonlight days are over but I still purchase from them. I love Sonlight! It was my first homeschool program that I tried.
My Father's World, is another favorite. I hope to use the High School programs with Annette. Would love to use it with Josh, but I think he's more of a textbook kid.

Joshua, is still on pattern 5 of Pattern Based Writing. He continues to write paragraphs with the topic provided. He then writes the topic sentence, followed by the D-A, D-B, D-C sentences. D=details, then he wraps it up with Be Creative sentence.
Tomorrow he will use the Perfect Paragraph Organizer. This is where he comes up with his own topic sentence (which is the Secret A,B,C sentence), continues with the three detailed sentences and Be Creative ending sentence.
Next week he will start Pattern 6: Brainstorming for Details.

Joshua's Math-Whizz test percentage is improving. Last month his average test mark was 55%. Now it's 62%. I'm happy that he enjoys using Math-Whizz and learning at the same time.

Ethan, completed lesson 79 of Saxon Phonics. He is doing well. I do need to get him reading more though. Starting tomorrow he will be required to read his readers at least 15 minutes a day. Hopefully he'll start picking up some 'real' books too.

Caleb, enjoys his MCP Plaid Phonics book. Today he had to circle consonant digraphs. We did the first row together. I also had him underline any vowel digraphs too, then read the word. His reading is improving. Today, in math he learned about measuring and distance. He pretty much knows 12in.=1ft. 3ft=1yd. but it was good review. I would like us to get through this chapter quickly. I'll have to look at the lessons and see if we can double up on some.

Brent, LOVES Math-whizz. He has already logged 133 minutes. Yikes! I need to get a bit more strict with his studies. I'm looking forward to next years picks. I think Easy Classical Main Schedule will keep me accountable and I am also looking forward with starting Shurley Grammar. His grades K-3rd have been pretty light and he as been asking for more grammar.

Annette, can be a challenge sometimes. If I don't check her work, she'll skip things. That girl of mine. Last week I didn't check her math. When I asked her for her test she just looked at me. I checked her lesson planner and it showed that she completed one lesson. 1 lesson! My goodness girl. I told her she can't use the computer or play outside until her math is completed. Other than that she is doing great!
I let her skip two weeks worth of lessons in spelling (Soaring with Spelling). She took the pretest and spelled the words easily, so I thought why have her practice words she already can spell. She does want to go back to the skipped lessons and do the fun stuff (crossword puzzles and unscramble words).

Lance, is slowly learning his letter sounds. He can read some words (cat, pat) but will still forget some sounds that we have been going over. He's so immature and goofy that it's hard to know if he really doesn't know it or is he just being silly.
He is learning verses, so that's a good thing!

Most of all the children are reading their Bibles and learning more about Christ. They continue to grow as servants for the Lord. This has been a little bit of a rough year and their hearts have been very forgiving. I love seeing them grow in Christ.


  1. YEah for fun things in the mail!! I love those days;0.

  2. I love rec'ing hs catalogs! I only have the winterpromise one and was wondering if it was a possibility for us (it looks so fun!) I have some questions for you:) Annette makes me think of my 2nd child (who is 8). She always ends up missing something on her page, or misses whole lessons. I call it "Random" learning, where she skips around all the time. Any suggestions? Pattern based writing sounds like it might be a good fit for my 1st kid; I will have to look into it (she likes directions spelled out, and I think having a pattern to follow would help her). I think it would kill my Random, who follows directions very loosely, lol!


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