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Day 136/Little About Saxon Phonics

Ethan, took his pretest in spelling (Soaring with Spelling). He did very well. I thought to move him to the next lesson but then decided that working with the /ay/ sound would be good review.

When going over the long 'a' sound with the vowel digraph 'ay' I did tell him that 'ay' is used at the end of English words. When we go over the long /A/ sound for the vowel digraph 'ai' I inform him that we do not use this 'ai' at the end of English words. I may be using a few programs (Soaring with Spelling and Saxon Phonics) that don't teach the 70 phonograms but I still mention the rules to him.
In the picture of his Pretest below, he spelled the words correctly. On the right where you see some a's and y's, I was showing him how to correctly make the letters because he kept starting his a's at the bottom instead of at two o'clock.
Today, Ethan completed Saxon Phonics lesson 80! It was an assessment lesson. I know I've mentioned that I'm trying to keep Saxon Phonics as is as much as possible but I think I need to change a few things.
For instance today on the assessment I didn't have him spell words in the first section. He was suppose to spell quick, thorny, such, gargle and junkyard. I had him skip this because he starting to struggle with spelling them. He can read the words fine but spelling them is more difficult. I am separating the spelling lesson from his phonics lesson. This is why I had him start using Soaring with Spelling.
When a new sound is introduced, I do have him spell the words them. For example in lesson 79 the long /O/ sound for the digraph 'ow' was introduced. On his worksheet I dictated the words blow,grow, mow, shadow and slow. I did have him spell those words.

Tomorrow, on lesson 81 a new sight word will be introduced, 'early'. Since 'technically' it's not a sight word, I will teach him that that 'ear' says /ir/ and let him figure out the word by sounding it out. He knows the 'l' sound and the vowel 'y' will have the long /E/ sound because the second syllable is un accented--translation for Ethan, the vowel 'y' will have the long /E/ sound at the end of a longer word.

Hopefully with the few changes I won't ruin Saxon Phonics for Ethan. I am still using the program 80% as is. I know that most of the sight words can be done phonetically.

My tutoring sessions for today:
  1. Bob Jones Math 4/Caleb
  2. Writing Tales 2/Annette
  3. Dancing Bears Reading/Brent
  4. Saxon Phonics 1/Ethan
  5. Phonics Flashcards/Lance
All the children have used their online math programs (DreamBox and MathWhizz and Math Rider)

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