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Day ?

I'm not sure what day we are on. I'll have to figure it out for tomorrow's post.
Ethan, may be my 'Nature Boy' but he likes to look sharp too! As you can see, he gets pretty wet.
 Ethan's spelling page. He didn't finish last weeks lesson. Hopefully tomorrow.
 Caleb, is half way through Bob Jones Math 4.
 I haven't corrected any work today, so there are a few mistakes below. Brent's math page.
 Joshua, likes coloring his Science pages now. But if you look closer at the teeth, you'll see he added plaque. That's a boy for ya.
Today, I signed Brent up for Math-Whizz. He was so excited. Hopefully I can sign him up for a year but for now it's month by month. His actual age is 9.46. His math age is 9.61.
All the children are loving Math-Whizz. Annette's enthusiasm has slowed down but the boys are having fun competing with each other.
With Math-Whizz they are allowed to have buddies. Josh and Caleb, can see each others scores and how much points they have. It's great because they are always trying to out-do each other.
Caleb's math age is 10.82. Joshua's 10.78. Annette's 10.72.

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