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Fun Day

The younger children didn't get all their schooling in. We decided to go to the park. On our way we stopped at our favorite coffee shop. I told the children that I was not going to buy them anything. They can bring their money and purchase a cookie or candy. I love seeing my children decide what they want and pay for it. To save money, I didn't buy my usual 'Almond Joy Mocha' instead I purchased the coffee of the day. Because their coffee beans are so fresh, the coffee taste extra good and I was satisfied. I did get a scone too. I realized that I didn't eat any breakfast and my stomach was talking. I saved money in the sense that the coffee and scone came out to the same price that an 'Almond Joy Mocha, with soy' would have cost.
Lance, purchased a cookie with sprinkles, Ethan, bought a small bag of peanuts and a pastry (big spender), Brent, couldn't resist a chocolate chip cookie, Annette, bought a fancy hot chocolate, I'm pretty sure Caleb, bought a cookie, Josh, he was the one who saved his money.

I was saddened that I forgot to take my camera along. So, no pictures of the children with their goods.

Once done at the coffee shop, we walked a bit further to the park. The kiddos brought their soccer ball and kicked it around a little. A little boy about 3yrs. old adopted the kiddos and they where all (yes, even Josh) playing on the slide with him. The little boy loved it. They would make a little train and slide down. He would just laugh so hard. It was cute. I enjoyed watching my children play with this little boy. They were very kind to him and would let him go first, no pushing, it was nice. Even my little Lance. I was afraid that Lance, would accidentally kick him while walking up the steps with him so close behind but thankfully he didn't.

We stayed at the park for about an hour. When we got home I made peanut butter sandwiches. Lupe, actually surprised us and came home for a brief moment to drop off a few things on his lunch break. That was a nice treat. He couldn't stay but still, it was nice just to see him.


  1. This sounds like such a lovely day! I love that about homeschooled children, that there is no age limitation for them...they can play with an older child, or a younger child, and they will still have the same amount of respect for the person. You are doing a wonderful job, Linda! All those treats made me hungry!

  2. I love that you are teaching your kiddos when they are young how to use their own money to purchase things and to use it wisely! I remember my mom made cups for each of us kids, one that said tithe, one for saving and one for fun money. It didn't last too long but, it taught me a lot;0. Coffee sounds SO good right now. I'm kinda hooked on DUnkin Donuts regular coffees with cream and sugar but, I only like from teh actual store..not at home. Go figure! lol


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