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Mini Vacation Days 2 & 3

On our second day we slept in, to about 8:30 maybe 9:00. Can't remember. Yikes!

Of course the day started off with donuts!!!! Since Lupe and I slept in, I gave my dad some money and he took a few kids to buy some donuts. Yummy! My favorite is a plain or sugared donut.
By the time the donuts were devoured, Lupe was ready to start getting the frame work done for the garden
 Lupe and Annette are measuring.
 Our plants.
I pray that they survive. I purchased a Stevia plant. Figured it would go with the Mint Tea plant.
 Frame is finished. The children put a layer of our good compost (finally get to use it) and dirt that Lupe, purchased.

We haven't put the plants in yet. Hopefully this coming weekend we can finish this project.

My Sweets, decided that we would take a drive to Oklahoma and stay the night there. This was last minute but hey, we are on our mini-adventure-vacation. I started packing. The kids packed their backpacks with books, crayons and favorite toys.
When we arrived in Oklahoma City it was 7:00 pm and getting dark. Since we didn't know the town and not sure when we'd see more food places, we stopped at Subway. We took it to go and were off to find a campsite at Chickasaw National Park.
By 8:00 it was dark, we were hungry and just wanted to find a campsite.
We finally found one, unpacked our little tent. Lupe, Annette and I planned to sleep in the van. The boys would sleep in our smaller tent (since this is an over night thing).
While Lupe and Josh, set the tent up, I unpacked our Subway sandwiches, got some 100% Juice Drinks and chips out. The kids and I started eating.
One thing I was not prepared for was the 41 degrees weather. I forgot to check before we left.
We were cold but having fun. The kids ate smores. Lupe took the seats out of the van and made it nice and comfy.
It was a rough night, with the cold and the hard bed but again, it was our adventure.

Day 3.
We all woke, made a fire and the kids snacked on chips, Beef Jerky and had some juice.
We realized there was no showers, so I did the best I could to look decent.

 I said, to the love-of-my life, don't take a close-up. Of course, he loves me so much and thinks I'm cute, so he took a close-up.

Since, we hadn't planned to go camping, we didn't really get to explore the park but we did take a few pictures on our way out.
Josh and Brent.
Brent, waving.
 Close-up of the above picture.
 We didn't camp this close to the stream, it was taken when we drove in, late the night before. Would have been nice though. I love the sound of running water.
 My Sweets!
 Lance and Ethan.
 Caleb with his Two-way radio that he and Annette, purchased a few months back.

 Mom and dad. Tired, cold and had no shower that morning.
 Caleb, Brent and Annette.
Lance, found his own way to climb up. He said, "See, I found my own way to get up."
 This was our campsite.
 Ethan, started to make his own shelter.
 On the road again.
 Country road, take me home, to the place where I belong. Mountain mama, take me home................words from a song I remember from childhood. At least I think those are the words. Hee, hee.
Josh, fast asleep.

We were back home at 4:30pm. We took our Sunday nap. Lupe and I woke at 7:00 pm.
We cleaned and unloaded the van. Lupe and Josh, went to Chicken Express and brought home lots of chicken, mashed potatoes, corn poppers and stuffed jalepenos (did I spell that correctly?).
While Josh and Lupe, were out buying dinner, the rest of us cleaned the living room, so we could eat and watch t.v.
It was a perfect ending to our mini vacation.


  1. I loved those pictures! They sure added to the 'mini' vacation story.

    I had to smile when I saw the one of Ethan out on the log overlooking the stream...only Ethan would be that daring. And I also noticed the one with him eating the donut while looking in the donut box for his next conquest!

    And Lupe is right, you are cute! Love the pictures of you, and the one with you and Lupe. You two still look good together! :)

    Josh doesn't look so "old" when he's sleeping. I can see our little Josh in there!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and letting us know how your vacation went.

  2. Awww, Reff, thanks for your kind words. The picture with Lupe and I, I wanted to write the 'old couple' in Spanish but not sure how.LOL.

  3. Aw, Linda! You guys look like you had such an awesome time! The kids are never going to forget these special moments! I love the pics and the one of you and your sweets together is just that, sweet. I'll write it in Spanish for you.

    "La pareja vieja" LOL! Though you are not...but if you wanted to. ;)



    ps I can't wait to see how the garden comes out. I bet that there is so much learning going on there, that you could literally count these days as school days.

  4. Dee, I should have emailed you and asked. I can say a few Spanish words but can't write them. Thanks ;)


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