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More Random Thoughts About High School

I don't know what it is but I keep wanting to return to My Father's World Curriculum. We enjoyed Adventures and Exploring Countries and Cultures. I wanted to continue and purchased Creation to the Greeks but it wasn't getting done. This was about the time I decided to start using textbooks.
This school year I purchased Exp. to 1850 with high hopes of using it but again, it's sitting on the shelf.
My two older ones are using Bob Jones Heritage Studies this year.

I still want to use MFW for high school but I'm not sure. Joshua, seems to do so well with textbooks. I guess time will tell. I'm getting a bit nervous about Joshua, getting so close to high school.

If we don't go the MFW route, then I may have him use Bob Jones for high school IF we can afford the dvds. Bob Jones, looks so teacher intensive.

I like that MFW has the child take control of their learning but does have the parents involved. I believe there are parent-teacher meetings but the child is taking ownership and making sure things are getting done.

I'm going to try my best to purchase MFW High School next school year, so I can make a final decision before he reaches high school. If it's not for Josh, I can save it for Annette.

I would like to fit the One Year Adventure Novel in but am not sure how. If we do use MFW for high school, I don't see where it would fit in.

I wonder if he can use it for 8th grade. Joshua, enjoys writing. He is currently working on a book about my dad's funny kid days and he journals almost everyday.

This year with using Pattern Based Writing and moving onto Writing Strands 4, I believe he'll be ready to start the One Year Adventure Novel. Hmmm........................

Well, it's late and I need to get to bed.

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