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My Girl

I was trying to capture My Girl laughing, but she wouldn't let me get a good shot. She ducked or hid with some but I got a few.

 She's trying not to laugh in this one.
 As I was passing her room, I saw these books on her bed. She is reading three missionary stories (Gladys Aylward is her favorite) and a James Harriot book. Had to capture her good book decisions forever in a picture. I'm so proud of the books she picks to read.


  1. awwww great pictures of your sweet daughter! Love the laughter and fun you captured! Great book choices. So wonderful that she enjoys reading stuff that is so edifying!

  2. Such a beautiful girl! I love the book choices...I've been wanting to get Joshua the one on Nate Saint, so it's good to know that they are well loved!



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