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My Teddy Bears

These Teddy Bears were given to me by my Sweets, over the years. The one in the middle with the brown sweater was the first Teddy he gave me. I still remember receiving it. He had it put in a big balloon, bubble thing the Teddy Bear was holding  a box of Sees Candies. We were dating at the time.
The girl teddy bear, he purchased at JC Penny's one year. We were walking around and I fell in love with her. I couldn't just leave her there, so he bought it for me. The snowflake one he gave me a few years back. I think a co-worker gave it to him as a gift exchange or Secret Santa. I'm not sure where the little guy in the middle came from. The one behind the snowflake bear was a gift with some flowers last year.

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  1. Aw, they are so sweet! My eldest loves Teddy Bears as well...I can't believe you have kept them for so many years...Annette will see that and will appreciate it when she's older and the boys will imitate that loving behavior towards their wives...


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