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Random Pictures and Happenings

Yesterday, Lupe got two cases of water free because he purchased four boxes of Rice Crispies.

My Sweets taking pictures of me again.
It was late when he took this pic.
Sunday night my hubby, took me out on a date. With his Chase card he earned a gift certificate to Chilies. I had the Monteray Chicken and he had a medium rare steak. We bypassed dessert because we ate everything on our plates. We decided to walk some of our meal off at Target. On the way home, my Sweets asked if I would like a coffee. To save money I purchase the coffee of the day and he gets his blended mocha (my Sweets doesn't like regular coffee). It saves us a little. Normally my medium Soy Mocha will cost about $4.00.
Well, that night they didn't have the medium cups, so they gave me a large and Lupe's was the hugest Mocha Frap we had ever seen.
Look at the size of that Frap!

Lance, trying to look mad.

On the 3rd of this month Brent, made some cookies. He made his own recipe.
They were pretty good. Dense but good.

These pictures were taken yesterday.
I went to check on the children in the back and found Lance, relaxing and eating a snack.
If you look closely, you can see him wearing a hat. It's a Frosty the Snowman hat that an Aunt bought for him when he was a baby.
Kids playing after it rained.
I was trying to get a better picture of his hat.

Lupe and I  rarely purchase toys for the children for no reason. On birthdays and CHRISTmas, yes. Every time we go to the store, no. We do take them to Half Price Books and will let them pick a book a few times a year but that's really about it. Well, a few weeks ago, Annette and I had mom and daughter time. We took a walk to our favorite coffee shop. My Girl is so sweet, she offered to pay for her own drink. Of course I didn't let her. It was our time. We sat, chatted and played a few board games.
The coffee shop is also an antique store with some modern stuff too. While we were waiting for our coffee, she was looking around and found a cute stuffed dog. I had $10.00 in my wallet and another $3.00 that I was holding for Ethan. The dog was $9.95. I thought to myself, I haven't really bought Annette, anything special (how mean huh?) so I told Annette, "I'm going to buy you that dog."
She named it Coffee Bean :)

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