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Soaring with Spelling

Annette, is almost done with Megawords 3. It's a good spelling program and we may pick it up later but this Friday, I'm going to order Soaring with Spelling 5 for her to finish the year. The price is right at $13.99.
In the fall Annette, will most likely use Bob Jones Spelling because it's included in the dvd program.

Joshua, too is almost done with ACE Paces Word Builders. I decided to get Soaring with Spelling 3 for him as well. I wanted to use Apples and Pears but I can't afford it at the moment and again, $13.99 is a great price.
I decided to purchase level 3 for Joshua because it has words like argue, cycle, venue and those are words he can't spell yet. Level 3 ew, ou, igh, etc. I think the review will be good for him.
I also think Soaring with Spelling will be a good fit for Joshua, because he does like to have a list of words. He prefers a list over phonograms and rules.

Hopefully I'll get to do Apples and Pears with Caleb and the rest of the gang!

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  1. I just had a nice poster send me Growing With Grammar 5 for free and I'm really liking what I'm seeing. It's bare bones and straight to the point--no fluff. The good thing about the GWG and the SWP is that it's designed to be used by level, not actual grade level, so even though Josh's spelling says level 3 on it, it does not necessarily mean that it's 3rd grade level.

    I may use my GWG level 5 in grade 6. I'm not sure yet and still working out all the kinks on my plans. Good job, Joshua on finishing with your spelling paces! :)


    Dee :)


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