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Week 24/Day 122

Week 24. Day 122. March 7-11, 2011.

My first student this morning was Brent. He is using Pattern Blocks to help him understand fractions using Saxon Math 3.
Above Brent, is working on lesson 68. He also completed lessons 66 and 67. Logged 1hr using DreamBox Math as well.
MCP Plaid Phonics-4pgs. Spelling Workout 1 lesson. Finished lesson 3 of Primary Language Lessons. Dancing Bears Fast Track-completed pgs 17-27.
Brent, working on the computer (DreamBox Math)
I had Brent, copy the double 'ee' page.

Here is how we use the cursor for Dancing Bears. First show the 'j'.
 slide to show 'oi' then, continue to slide for the next letter 'n'. 
Then the last letter 't'.

Here I'm dictating sentences for Caleb from Phonics Pathway pg. 87. Caleb said, "Mom, didn't I already write these sentences before?" I checked and sure enough he did, but we continued anyway. It's good practice.
Since, Caleb, is working with the long /E/ sound with the digraphs 'ee' and 'ea', I wrote them on the board. When I dictated a sentence to him I pointed to which 'e' sound to use. For example with the sentence "We feed each neat cat beef" I would point to the double 'ee' when I said the word 'feed'.
Caleb's completed dictation.
Caleb has also completed Bob Jones Math lessons 80, 81 and 82. He's having trouble with understanding long division. He logged about 6hrs. of Math-Whizz. He wakes at 6:00 a.m. to play in the morning, then he'll play again sometime during the day. His current math age is 10.68. MCP Phonics-5pgs. Spelling Workout 1 lesson.

Annette, practicing her sewing on paper. Every Friday Annette, attends a sewing class. Her pattern is cut out and today, she started sewing the dress.
Annette, completed her assignments from Saxon Math, Saxon Grammar, Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Megawords, Elementary Greek (slow going), Hands on Essay.

Joshua, completed, Sonlight Science 5, One Novel Study Guide, Pattern Based Writing, Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Saxon Grammar, Math-Whizz, Spectrum Math, Elemental Greek.

Lance, consuming French Toast that Joshua, made for lunch.
He ate 4 of them!!!
Lance, completing a McRuffy Phonics lesson.
He tried, but wasn't able to finish the page.
Lance, also completed a few pages of Saxon Math. He was going to complete a McRuffy Math page but it was too hard. We didn't get anything from Easy Classical K week 4 done, so we'll continue with that next week.

Sorry my review is on the boring side today. I do blog daily, so please scroll down to read more.


  1. Thanks for being an inspiration. I love reading about your curriculum choices. I homeschool my 2 kids in Florida. It is nice to visit your blog. Keep up the Lord's work.

  2. Great week! (And you even have Home Ec in there - Cooking and Sewing). Long division is hard. I'm amazed at how much you are able to do with each of your kids in a day.

  3. You are doing such a great job blogging! Thanks for the inspiration.


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