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Week 26/Day 131

Week 26. Day 131. March 21st-25th 2011.

We completed another week. Hard to believe we have 10 weeks left of school. Not that we won't continue, but our school-load will become lighter. Mainly math, writing and grammar.

My tutoring sessions for today:
  1. Bob Jones Math 4/Caleb
  2. Saxon Math 3/Brent
  3. Soaring with Spelling/Ethan
  4. Soaring with Spelling/Annette
  5. Soaring with Spelling/Josh
  6. Flashcard Phonics with Lance
  7. Dancing Bears reading/Brent
  8. Dancing Bears reading/Caleb
Ethan, went with my dad today. He didn't get much school done.
I'm really tired, so that's about all for today.

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