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Why so Many?!?

With Caleb and Brent, I don't know why they are not reading more fluent. Joshua, was a late reader, so maybe my middle two boys are as well. Although one time I was writing an email, Caleb, was standing next to me and was reading what I wrote but they still can't read a Little House book with lots of help from me.
I thought after completing the first level of The Phonics Road, they would be further ahead. I really do hate to write anything negative about The Phonics Road but, what can I say, they are not reading fluently yet. They couldn't spell any better either. Again, I love The Phonics Road but it didn't do much for my boys, considering we stuck with it for level 1. If they were younger it would have been okay, but my boys are 9 and 10 years old. I thought it would have taken then further with reading and spelling.
How I'm making
  • Spelling Workout
  • MCP Plaid Phonics
  • Phonics Pathways
  • Dancing Bears
work for Caleb and Brent.

 Spelling Workout B. It's not real heavy with spelling rules but I am at the point where I'd rather them memorize how to spell some words so they can move forward. I still teach the rules but I'm not totally relying on them to help my boys.

I am using Phonics Pathways, to help with the rules (plus my knowledge from Spell to Write and Read ;). I introduce a new sound for instance 'ee', dictate some sentences and like today, copy the words with the 'ee' sound, so they can familiarize themselves with those words.

MCP Plaid Phonics, this is more to keep them busy and on those days when I can't get one of the above in, I know they are doing something and are reading and writing words. MCP Phonics reminds me of Explode the Code. Although I like ETC I prefer the way MCP Phonics is set up. In any case, this is what we use for 'busy' work.

Reading, we are using Dancing Bears Fast Track. This program is a complete decoding program for slow readers. I like that this program uses a cursor. It not only trains the child to read from left to right but trains them to look at every letter in the word. Too many times my boys have tried to guess a word because they see the first and last letter. Using the cursor doesn't let them do that.

They use Spelling Workout, MCP Plaid Phonics and Dancing Bears Fast Track daily 5x a week. Phonics Pathways when I am able to fit it in, usually 3x a week.

Spelling Workout and MCP Plaid Phonics, they do on their own or at least most of it. Dancing Bears and Phonics Pathways I do with them.

This is how I'm utilizing and catering the above to work for Caleb and Brent.


  1. Wanted to stop by and say hi! ;0. I have been blog hop slacking lately. Sooo sleepy all the time and so many blogs to visit. lol. I am always in awe of all that you are accomplishing with your kids in school all day! I wouldn't even know how to begin teaching my daughter how to read or spell!

  2. Linda,

    I use AAS with most of my kids, but for one... the rules just don't cut it. He needs to memorize word lists. So... I broke down and got SWO for him and I introduce him to the rule, but we don't focus on it. He just memorizes the words. It's what works for him... I wouldn't feel bad about it!


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