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Finding My Way

I'm on my 8th year of homeschooling and am finally finding my way. There are still lots of turns and a few dead-ends where I have to back-up and start over, but I feel as I'm finally figuring things out (oh, no, high school years are coming!)
I figured what math path I want to take with the children. Our current course is looking great. I'm pleased to know what we'll use next year with most of the children.

I have the Grammar path figured out or at least have a plan to follow. This path has taken many twist and turns. I went from a more Charlotte Mason type Grammar to a 'we need to start younger'.

Spelling, I am a 'meet in the middle' believer now. I love knowing all the spelling rules and I get excited to learn more about our English language but I'm finding that too many rules can boggle some of my children down. Now we combine learning the rule with memorizing and using a list.

My current path, that I'm trying to straighten out is writing. On one of the homeschooling forums I frequent their is a long discussion about writing. It has me rethinking my writing path.
For Josh, I know we'll continue down our current path. Continue using Pattern Based Writing and then Writing Strands 4.

Annette- she will use Bob Jones dvds for all subjects next year. I would like to fit in Writing With Ease. Maybe accelerate her through levels 3 & 4.

Caleb and Brent, I plan to use Easy Classical's Main Schedule which includes writing using IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) and I may try to fit in Writing With Ease 3.

Ethan and Lance, my goal is to do grammar and spelling at least 4x a week, and do more oral narrations and get Lance, reading.

Although I'm still learning and our path may change, I'm feeling more comfortable with my choices. I don't feel so 'scared' of making decisions. I know where I want my children to be at the end of their homeschool journey and I feel confident that with the Lord's help, Lupe and I can get there. I may still have those days where I don't feel like we are accomplishing much, I need to remember that homeschooling is a race not a sprint. We need to keep on running. Like Chris Kringle sings in one of our CHRISTmas cartoons, "Just put one foot in front of the other."


  1. Good post!

    just keep swimmin, just keep swimmin ;)

  2. Yay for you! After 10 years, I'm still feeling a bit insecure and feel like I am constantly needing to tweak things. This year, I'm having to re-think due to finances, but the Lord is good :)


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