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Why We are not Using Phonics Road

Those of you who follow my blog and know how much I LOVE the Phonics Road and are wondering why I chose not to continue with it. Well, I thought I'd write a post as to why we are not using it any longer.

Caleb and Brent, completed the first level and part of the second level. They were 8yrs. 2nd grade and 9yrs. 3rd when we used the first level. I used it as the program instructed. In fact we went over our phonograms daily. By the end of the school year, they couldn't read the Little House book that was required for the second level. They still couldn't spell well. When we started Phonics Road 2 and I had to dictate sentences to them, they couldn't spell the words. I was having to help them with almost every, single word other than words like and, in, on and other cvc words. It was becoming very time consuming because of this.When instructed to read the Little House book, they couldn't read most of the words.

Maybe I should have stuck with it but being that my boys were on the older side for this program and still were not spelling and reading much better from when they started (a full 12 months) I decided we needed to switch. This is when I started the combo of Phonics Pathways and Spelling Workout with them.

I absolutely do believe that The Phonics Road is one of the best programs for Grammar, dictation, outlining and writing but I felt it was best to go another route because of the spelling and reading problems we were having. Maybe in the future we can come back to Phonics Road using The Bridge but for now I will pull from different resources.

Currently for reading fluency they are using Dancing Bears Fast Track (I really don't like that name).Edited (5/7/12), to add, that Caleb, Brent and I gave Dancing Bears a fair go, but none of us liked it (I didn't care for the stories and had them skip them). They completed the first book and after that we all said, "Forget it!".

Spelling, Spelling Workout for spelling list. Phonograms and rules via what they learned from The Phonics Road and SWR. Spelling Dictation, using Phonics Pathways. For a little extra phonics help, MCP Plaid Phonics.We did use this method but when the new school year started in Sept. 2012, I decided to try All About Spelling Again. The boys completed AAS 1, 2 and 3. We still reviewed with Phonics Pathways. Come Sept. 2013 I am going to go back to a more traditional word list for spelling. I don't have time to continue with AAS. We liked MCP Plaid Phonics and the boys did complete most of the book before switching to AAS in Sept. We didn't care too much for Spelling Workout, so I won't go back to that. I'm looking into A Reason for Spelling and Horizons Spelling.

The above combination is working well with them. Their reading and spelling is improving.Again, the combination was working well but I  wanted to give AAS a try and am happy I did. Like mentioned, I won't have time to continue it for 2012/2013 school year.


What I am using for spelling.

Spell-to-Write and Read By Wanda Sanseri. I love this book. I'm not using the program but love the book to help me understand the English language. My four older children know most the sounds. I use to drill them every day but I no longer do this. Now I teach the sound or rules as we go along using their spelling books.

Soaring with Spelling and/or Spelling Workout. My children seem to do well with a spelling list. As we go through the spelling list, I introduce the sounds of letter combinations using what I've learned from Spell-to-Write and Read. I will also have them right the spelling rule down and place it in their notebook (starting in fall with this).

Soaring with Spelling, breaks down the lessons by days. Daily the child is to spell his list words orally. I have them say the word (cube), say each letter (c-u-b-e), then say the word again. Monday-Day 1, Tuesday-Day 2 etc. Monday, the child takes a pre-test. I like having the child take a pre-test because it lets us know what words will really need to be studied. Friday, the child takes the test. I do this a little differently then what the program suggest. First I have the child spell the word out loud. If the child spells the word correctly, they are to write the word on the right column. If the spelled in incorrectly, they are to write it on the left column, which is the correction area and as they write it I am spelling the word for them. This way they are not writing the word incorrectly.

Spelling Workout is set up differently.  There are not five days worth of work like Soaring with Spelling. What I have my children do is take a pre-test on Monday. Tuesday do the first activity and write the words twice each in their composition book. Wed. and Thurs. complete the two activity pages and write the words once, in their composition book. Friday take the test the same way as Soaring with Spelling, only they are writing in their composition book.

Currently I have three children using Soaring with Spelling and two using Spelling Workout.

I use Phonics Pathways for what I call Spelling Dictation. I am currently using this with Caleb and Brent. We are working our way through the book.  I don't have them read all the words. I go over the rule and may have them copy some of the words in their composition book. Other times, I will dictate the words or sentences.

When I dictate a sentence I do this with one child at a time. I say the sentence twice and have the child repeat it back to me. The child then starts writing the sentence. If I see them make a mistake I will have them correct it immediately. My kids will sometimes forget to add a period, use a capital letter ect. When they do this, I will say, "What does a persons name start with?" and Caleb/Brent will reply, "With a capital letter." and correct it. If it's a spelling word, I'll walk them through it by asking questions and giving hints. For example, Caleb, was having trouble writing the word 'beach'. He didn't know which 'e' to use (e, ea, ee). I hinted by telling him it was the one that made three sounds. With this hint he was able to write the word using 'ea' for the long 'E' sound.

It's taken a while for me to figure out what works with my children. Through the years I have learned with my oldest son Josh, that too many rules too fast really confuse him. He thrives with a list of words and adding in the rules or sounds.

Annette, is more of a natural speller. She rarely misses words but we continue to go over the rules as she works her way through the lists.

Caleb and Brent, I am using a combination of methods. They know most of the phonograms and we use them as we go through the list. They know many of the rules too (thanks to The Phonics Road to Reading and Spelling). I am planning to write a post about Why We Didn't Continue with The Phonics Road soon.

Resurrection Bags

For Resurrection Day, I made up these little bags. I like that they only fit so much (little) candy.

The children were surprised. They weren't expecting any candy.


Monday morning I had a
My dad takes a walk with the kiddos in the morning. On Monday mornings they buy donuts. I usually like the plain sugared ones, but thought the pink one looked pretty.

My Sweets, bought some Fish Fillets.

One bag of ten doesn't feed us all, so we buy two bags. I prefer purchasing one large bag at Costco but, Lupe, was at the grocery store buying a few other things and picked up a few bags.

I made some white rice, cooked with chicken stock instead of water. While we were eating, I mentioned that I cooked both bags. Lupe, said, 'Wow! I thought that was going to last for two meals."

Wii Fit Plus

I hope to come back and blog about the Wii, but for now here is a Wii picture of us. Yes, my Dear Hubby and I need to lose some pounds. We have been very, happily married for almost 15yrs. and I guess it shows a little bit =) I am happy to write that the children are all at a healthy weight (unlike their parents).

Caleb, Lance, Josh, Linda, Annette, Ethan, Brent and Lupe.

Most of the Wii characters look like the person, except for Ethan.

Week 31/Day 157

Week 36. Day 157. April 25th-29th 2011

This week I let the two older ones have a lighter week. They completed Math and Writing only. They also baked and helped around the house.

Caleb 4th Grade completed:
Four lessons of Bob Jones Math on fractions + two lessons on fractions from Teaching Textbooks + two pages of Math Mammoth on fractions.
Next week, he will continue with fractions using Math Mammoth and Teaching Textbooks.

Fast Track Reading 1 pg.
This week, I had him do some of Phonics Pathways. I went over some of the rules for review (when to double a consonant when adding 'y', when to use 'ch' and 'tch', long sound of 'u'.) I dictated sentences. I call this Spelling Dictation.
Below shows the sentences. I watched him spell each word. If he was having trouble I would give a few hints to help him spell the word correctly. For instance with the word 'beach' he wasn't sure which 'e' to use (ea, e, ee). I told him the one that makes three sounds and is a digraph. He then knew to use 'ea'.

His penmanship needs improvement. He actually writes nicely in cursive but because he still has to think how to spell a word it's easier for him to print.
Tuesday, I had him copy a short poem from his spelling book. Wednesday I had him copy it again and pay close attention to the spelling. Friday I dictated it to him.

I know it's not the greatest passage for copywork but it's a start. 
This week Caleb also copied a verse that he needs to learn for his Alert Cadet class.

He completed penmanship. 
Caleb, also completed his Spelling Workout lesson.

Brent 3rd Grade:

Brent, completed four Teaching Textbook lessons, 1 Fast Track Reading lesson, four pages of MCP Plaid Phonics and half a lesson of Spelling Workout.
Brent, copied a poem and a verse this week. I did Spelling Dictation with him using Phonics Pathways.

Ethan 3rd Grade:

Ethan, completed five Teaching Textbook lessons, copied an AWANA verse, took a spelling test and continued with the next spelling lesson, and completed three Saxon Phonics lessons.

Lance Kindergarten:

Lance, completed four lessons in grammar using First Language Lessons. He is learning about common and proper nouns and memorizing a poem called The Caterpillar. He completed a weeks worth of All About Reading. We concentrated on the letter 'A'. He learned about the capital and lowercase letters. He practiced writing the letter 'A' using Handwriting Without Tears. I reviewed the sound with him too. I read some cute poems and played some rhyming games using All About Reading.
For math he completed two pages from his Abeka workbook. He is learning how to form numbers and add 3+1, 1+3, 2+1 etc.

For P.E. this week Lupe, hooked up our Wii Fit Plus and the children have been using this for balance, strength and lots of competition with each other.


I'm trying to incorporate copywork into our school days. I'm no expert but thought I need to start somewhere while I learn.

Yesterday, I had Ethan, my 2nd grade student copy part of a Bible verse. Today, he'll copy the second part. I put dots to help him remember where to start his letters.
In case you can't tell..........I wrote the words and he copied below my model.

Caleb, copied a poem from his Spelling Workout book.

Tomorrow, I'll dictate the poem to him. I dictated sentences from Phonics Pathways to him. I'm not sure if that counts but I thought it's a least a start until I figure things out.

Brent, copied a poem yesterday. I made the mistake of walking away. When I came back he had letter 's' backwards in some words, didn't capitalize the first word of each stanza and forgot the commas. I have since learned by listening to one of Susan Wise Bauer's lectures that I need to stand and watch him. When he makes a mistake it can be corrected immediately.
Today, he's going to copy the same poem. I'll show him his work from yesterday and point out the errors so he can see what he needs to pay attention to.

Josh, would like to copy the Declaration of Independence. I'm not sure where to start Annette. Maybe some Bible verses from her AWANA book.


Looks like rain but it's hail. It came down pretty hard yesterday. Thankfully it didn't last too long.

 Pretty designs.
 After the storm.

Another Tornado Watch

Another weather update.



Yesterday, we had lightning hit really close to our house. The children and I were sitting from the front porch. Scared my poor Annette and she decided to watch from the safety of the window. We were safe where we were sitting but being inside the house felt better for Annette.

Josh, wanted to pick up the hail that fell but I wouldn't let him.

Anyway, we are on tornado watch for a while again. It seems like every-other-day we are on a tornado watch or severe thunderstorms.

Ethan School 2nd Grade

Here is a little bit of what Ethan, did today.

Soaring with Spelling.
 Saxon Phonics 1. He really isn't this happy to do school. He loves giving a big cheeser.
 Got a little Strengthen workout using the Wii Fit.
Still needs to complete math and Bible.

Lance School/Day 154

I thought I'd start our school day off with Lance. Poor guy gets pushed to the back or doing night school.

We started with First Language Lessons Part 1 (FLL 1). His first lessons was on nouns. He didn't care for it but that's okay, we'll continue tomorrow with lesson 2.

Next he completed a lesson in All About Reading. He really likes Ziggy the Zebra.
Ziggy helps Lance learn about Phonological Awareness.

Lance, working on one of the worksheets. He is finding the letter a's and circling them.

 The instruction for the worksheet below was to color. Lance, colored an activity page yesterday, so today, we used the dot paints. We do not have the color brown, so the tree is blue.
 Lance, wanted to add green apples too.
 He also worked on printing the capital letter A.
He did so well. Look how nice and neat they are.

Before printing in his workbook I had him practice on the chalkboard.

I had him trace the letter a few times. Tomorrow he'll practice on the chalkboard again before writing in his workbook.

I still need to do math, memory work and Bible with Lance.

Netflix (we finally signed up)

Friday, Lupe and I signed up for netflix. Why we haven't done this earlier is beyond me. We love it! No more running to Blockbuster and no more late fees. The Blockbuster in our area closed. We have to go out of our way now to rent a movie.
The only con for us it we really have to stay disciplined. It's so easy to watch a movie now. Just hit play.

Our Weather for today:



I have been really lazy with our Bible time. I'm ashamed to admit it, but it's true. This past year I have not done nearly as much Bible with my children as I've done in the past. I could say I'm a busy mama but I know in my heart that it's me being lazy.

Last week, I was reading a book and thinking, "I should go over verses with Lance." but instead I kept on reading. I've done that more than once.

Other times Lance and I were free, instead of taking the time to go over his memory work and seize the opportunity I wouldn't.

I see this area of laziness in my life and I must change. I know some of it I have been tired lately but still, part of it is me not taking the opportunities.

It's more than Bible time. It's flowing out in other areas, like correcting my children or just spending more time with them.




Finally Maturing

I've been homeschooling my children for eight years now. Recently, I'd say the past two years now, that I have been comfortable with our choices (yes, I still switch here-and-there) and am more confident with teaching. Sometimes it's a bit sad because I feel like I messed up with Josh and Annette. Caleb and Brent, I'd like to have done a few things differently. Ethan and Lance, I am happy to start all over.

Starting over is hard too because I have so much stuff (programs and such), it's very hard to justify purchasing a new phonics or writing program.
Now, I'm not saying I have it all figured out. I still have many years left and high school is around the corner. I can say that I found my place. I have tried or purchased so many different programs in all subjects that I feel I can make better choices now. Even if that means I'm repurchasing something I used to own.

I'm more mature if you will, with my selections. I'm not like a little kid in a candy store anymore. Although there are times when I still feel like a kid in a candy store ;). I'm not so quick to switch and I'm following through more each year with what I purchase.

It's funny because many of my first purchases (what I started off with Josh but never finished) are the things I will use with my last four.

Just to name a few:
Excellence in Writing (IEW)
Handwriting Without Tears
Saxon Phonics
Writing Strands
Possibly MFW 1st Grade

I started off with a more Ruth Beechick philosophy but am more of a Textbook, Charlotte Mason, with a Classical twist. I say that because Josh and Annette will use all textbooks next year. With the younger four I'd like to combine Charlotte Mason with the Classical method.

Week 30/Day 152

Week 30. Day 152. April 18th-22nd.
This week, Joshua, Annette and Brent did a lot of baking. They made homemade brownies, a chocolate cake, banana bread, cornbread and white bread.

Last week, Joshua made some really good banana bread. It was so moist and delicious. This week, his banana bread came out dry. He's not sure what happened, so he's going to investigate. Which means he'll be baking more.

Their brownies came out really good! They are taste better than the boxed.
Joshua, made a really yummy chocolate cake. Again, better than a boxed cake. He still needs to work on his cornbread making skills.
Brent, made two loaves of a basic white bread. The first one didn't rise like it was suppose to. The second one did but it still needs perfecting. It's been years since I've made homemade bread. I told Brent, we'll have to experiment and keep trying.

Schools kind of slowing down here at Homeschooling6.
Caleb, has about forty math lessons left. It feels so good as a teacher to complete something. With all the switching and figuring things out, we haven't always completed our workbooks.

This year (even though it's not over yet) the children have done a lot. I don't think Josh and Annette will complete every, single, lesson because we sort of pulled from different resources but they have accomplished a lot. I have saved most of their work and will show them how much they completed this year.

Ethan, sewing a button on his one, eyed, teddy bear.
 Awww, how cute.
 I know this may not go over well with some but he's my little monkey and he wanted to see how his bread was coming along.
Caleb, completing a math lesson.
Lance, is on the bed and Joshua and Brent are on the ladder.

I know my weekly reviews are really not very weekly. I'm having a hard time with how I should write my weekly reviews. It took forever when I was writing about every child and every subject per child.
Maybe, I should do a paragraph per child, with the highlights of that week.

I am proud of myself though, because I have been writing my Week in Review. This is the farthest I have ever gotten with writing my reviews.
Every year I would start but never finished.

All About Reading

I was a little bit nervous about ordering All About Reading Pre-1 for Lance. I believe the target age is between 4 and 5, maybe a 3yr. who is ready. My Lance, is 6yrs. old going on 7yrs. in August. Now that I have it in my hands, I think it's going to work out great.

I'm going to ask my sister Ruth, if she would like to have it for her children once we are done with it.

I love the teacher manual. For every lesson it has a picture of everything you'll need. For instance, lesson 1. It shows a picture of the activity sheet, The Zigzag Zebra book and the puppet. It tells you what pages to read in the zebra book. The manual is scripted so you know exactly what Ziggy the Zebra is suppose to say.

The program comes with two posters. Both have the complete alphabet. One with capitals and the other with lowercase letters. Everyday, you have the child point to the letter you are working on and sing the alphabet song to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb.

The program consist of three parts. Part 1 has 26 lessons and introduces the capital letters. Part 2 has 26 lessons and introduces the lowercase letters and Part 3 25 lessons and introduces the sounds of the letters.

With Lance, I hope to accelerate him through the program. I'm not exactly sure. Here are some thoughts.

With Part 1. Introduce two letters a week. Day 1. introduce the letter, read the story, sing the alphabet song and color the activity sheet. Day 2. continue with the same letter as Day 1. sing the alphabet song and finish the activity sheet (on the back of the activity sheet there are optional things, like add googly eyes). Day 3. introduce the next letter, activity sheet, sing alphabet song. Day 4. continue with Day 3's letter, finish activity sheet, sing song and play game. Day 5. finish anything from previous days that we didn't get to.

Continue completing 2 lessons a week with parts 2 and 3. If continued in this fashion it should take Lance, 21 or 22 weeks to complete.

Another option and I don't know if this a good idea or not. It may work because Lance, is older. Take a week with each letter, but introduce all three parts in that week. Capital letter, lowercase and the sound. This would probably take 26 weeks to complete.

Another option would be to introduce the capital letter on Monday, lowercase letter on Tuesday, next capital letter on Wednesday, next lowercase letter on Thursday and Friday finish any make-up work.

I'm not trying to rush Lance. He is older and I think he can handle more than a four or five year old can.

The only thing that concerns me is the program has the sequence for a reason, so maybe I shouldn't change things.

For now I'll start it as written and see how Lance, does but I'll keep my options open ;)

I am going to add Handwriting Without Tears K too. I'll keep it in the same order as All About Reading. This is one reason why I'd like to do all three parts in a week. I can spread out the games, activity sheet, sounds and handwriting sheets. (kind of like Letter of the Week)

Ethan School for 3rd Grade

I stayed up too late last night. I'm a night owl. At night when all are asleep I can do my research and think. During the day there's so much going on and I don't want to be on the computer when the kiddos are awake.
I woke tired, so I decided to take a nap at 9:30 a.m. I woke a little past ten o'clock and started school.

This weeks been good.

Ethan, has completed 20 Teaching Textbooks lessons this week, which included two quizzes. New things he has learned since starting Teaching Textbooks:
  • finally memorized the days of the week and month
  • lines and line segments
  • horizontal, vertical and oblique line segments
  • rounding numbers to the nearest ten
  • pictographs
Ethan, has learned many of his add. and sub. facts via osmosis, the game Risk and from DreamBox. The first twenty-one lessons in Teaching Textbooks 3 are all simple addition and subtraction, so it's been a bit easy for Ethan in that area. He did get a few low scores because he didn't know the months of year by heart (now he does).

I can see, starting with lesson twenty-three things might slow down. He hasn't started double digit add. and sub. yet, fractions or carrying twice. These concepts will be introduced in the next few weeks.

Ethan, has also completed Saxon Phonics lessons 89-92 and three lessons of Soaring with Spelling.

I'm really excited for Ethan (and myself). He has about 47 lessons to go with Saxon Phonics and he'll have completed level 1. I hope to finish before Sept. so we can take a break for a few weeks before starting level two.
Soaring with Spelling.
 With some of the lessons in Saxon Phonics we do half the page orally, using the whiteboard. This is why sometimes not all of the worksheet is complete.
 Ethan, is doing really well with Saxon Phonics. Below are the review decks. They are adding up!

This year with Ethan, I focused on penmanship, phonics, math and spelling.
Next year I would like to continue with the above but add grammar, copywork, narration and writing. I would also like to add more read aloud time with Ethan.

For Ethan's 3rd grade year.

Bible-Big Truths for Little Kids and AWANA.
Phonics-Phonics Pathways and WinterPromise
Memory Work-Verses from AWANA and Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization and some selections from Easy Classical Schedule.
Grammar-WinterPromise Language Arts
Copywork-a mix of verses and what's included in other programs that we will use. I hope to blog more about this later and as we include this in the upcoming year.
Writing-PAL Writing from IEW
Spelling-Soaring with Spelling, writing spelling rules in a notebook.
Handwriting-not sure but may use Handwriting Without Tears for cursive.
Math-Teaching Textbooks
Read aloud and Literature- Easy Classical schedule.

I'm not sure how it's all going to fit in with me teaching the other children. This is why I'm so thankful that most of the kiddos math will be via dvds or computer. I really need the help.

I plan to use Easy Classical Main Schedule to help keep me going and accountable with some of the basics.
Ethan who will be in 3rd grade, will use the 1st grade schedule of Easy Classical. Because it's the first grade schedule I thought to add in a little more writing. My thoughts with the 1st grade schedule;(a)to keep both Lance and Ethan together for Bible and Read aloud. At first I was hoping that Lance, would have been further along with phonics, and penmanship but since that's not going to happen I had to separate them. (b) I plan to skip the 2nd grade schedule and move Ethan, to the 3rd grade Main Schedule for his 4th grade year (c) I thought it a better fit with grammar.
Ethan, hasn't had any formal grammar, I thought starting with Shurley 1st grade would be a good thing for him.
Basically the 1st grade schedule seems to fit him right now.

History and Science will be combined with what the older children will use.

Crazy Me!

I'm crazy to be up so late. I finished reading a book and came in to the kitchen to turn off the computer. I got sucked in and here I am sitting and rethinking some school choices. I'm nuts!!!

I'm going over in my mind about writing for Caleb, Brent and Ethan. Too many choices; Writing With Ease, Excellence in Writing, copywork, dictation, narration are all twirling in my head.

Then I'm actually thinking of using My Father's World 1st Grade with Ethan, more for the Bible and History and of course the copywork and Bible Notebook.  I know I won't be able to fit it all in. Not with me doing a literature approach to history again for Caleb and Brent. Better just stick with Easy Classical Main Schedule for 1st grade for Ethan.

You can't forget Excellence in Writing's new program. Pal Writing. This would be perfect for Ethan.

Then I have been considering (on-and-off the past few weeks) to use My Father's World Exploration Countries and Cultures again with Caleb and Brent. Instead of history, concentrate on geography. Oh my, what am I thinking.

I better stick with the plan with using Easy Classical 3rd grade Main schedule.

Lance School 1st Grade

I think I've nailed what I want to use for Lance's first grade year.

  • Easy Classical 1st Grade Main Schedule for:I did use Easy Classical for Bible and Literature, then switched to Heart of Dakota, and stopped using it. I did like having Lance memorize the Catechisms.
Bible-Big Truths for Little Kids and Literature. This way I can combine Lance and Ethan with these two subjects.
I chose First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind Part 1, because of the repetition it has. Some have commented that it's too much but I think this will work for Lance. First Language Lessons also included memorization, copywork and narration.

I used FLL with Josh when he was in 1st grade. He had a lot of fun memorizing the poems. In fact he still recites them from time to time. For the poem The Caterpillar I had him draw a picture for it too. It was fun. I do wish I would have continued this with my other children.Once I switched Lance to Heart of Dakota we didn't need FLL anymore.

Funny, my 1st child used FLL and now my last child will too. I'll have to dig out Joshua's picture of the poem.

Handwriting Without Tears, again, I used this with Josh. So many of my first choices I should have just stuck with them, but noooooooooo, I had to try everything. My goodness. Live and learn.
I do think Handwriting Without Tears will be a good thing for Lance. I'm going to take my time and not feel rushed with teaching him. I know he'll be in 1st grade but his writing skills are more of the K level with this program. Oh, and I'm over grade levels too. I don't care if Lance, is using something that is labeled 'K' because I want to meet my children where they are at. I tried to do the whole grade level with my older children {especially with Josh} and I believe it set them back more than anything. I was always rushing Joshua, through things because I didn't want him to get 'behind'. I am not going to make the same mistake with Lance. He'll catch on and be fine. Lance finished this.

In the math department, Lance will use Funnix and Living Math (from Queen Homeschool).

For Phonics and Reading I thought PAL/Reading looked fun. I liked PAL/Reading but it wasn't a good fit for Lance, he needed something that started with short vowel sounds and moved from there.

 For history I chose Hideaways in History by WinterPromise. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to fit in, but I'm going to try. It looks really fun and I miss doing something like this with the two younger ones. Loved the whole idea about Hideaway in History but it wasn't getting done, so I switched to a more All in One curriculum, that had history, bible, science, copywork etc. scheduled. Plus I wanted more Bible incorporated into our history.
This year I hope to start Song School Latin with Lance. I just couldn't find the time to add Song School Latin :(

Some of the programs didn't work out for use, so in Dec. I switched things up and you can read here, what Lance used.

Lance School

Lance, is completing Easy Classical Week 5. Today, I read from Fables; Madame Rhinoceros and Her Dress.
 And the two books below.

Day 148

Annette, took three pretest in spelling (soaring in spelling). I let her pass two lessons because she new how to spell the words. The third pretest, she missed a few, so we stopped there.

I was on the phone with my MIL today. When we were done talking Ethan, had finished a weeks worth of Teaching Textbooks lessons. Four lessons and one quizz. He scored 95% on the lessons and 88% on Quiz 2.

Joshua and I  went over his math lesson from Friday, today he completed another from TT6 the workbook only. I need to correct them and go over any missed ones. He keeps missing long division and multiplication.

Brent, completed Teaching Textbooks lesson 9 and scored 91%.

Caleb, completed MCP Plaid Phonics.

Lance and I went over his Catechisms.

All children that are subscribed to Math-Whizz completed a few lessons as well.

I didn't get any tutoring sessions, other than math with Josh. I'm glad that all the children were able to complete math. This is one of the reasons why I like Teaching Textbooks. When we have a light day (usually Mondays) I know the children can still get in math (the older continue with their work but the younger ones usually get to have more free time).

As the year comes to a close, I'm having the older children concentrate more on Math, Spelling and Writing. The younger ones are zoning in on Math and Phonics.


Josh and I had an orthodontist appointment. We both are sore. We both can't eat anything hard. We both had our bands tightened. Joshua, is wearing rubberbands now. He can only take them out to eat. Joshua, prefers not to talk today because it hurts too much. I can talk thankfully.
Joshua, baked a cake. I did not. Joshua and I are both tired. I should take a nap but I'm not.

The doctor said, I need to make my consultation for oral surgery soon. Yikes! Not looking forward to it. The time is almost here.


Wednesday, the children had a meeting in my bedroom. They wanted to surprise and buy their dad and I something.
Joshua, asked his grand-pa-pa if he would take take them to the store. Actually only Caleb and Josh went with him.

Imaging my surprise when they came home with $150.00 of groceries. I WAS surprised and almost cried.

Joshua and Caleb said, "They now understand why dad and I don't add a lot of extra stuff to the cart because it all adds up fast."
It was a really good learning experience for them.

They spoiled Lupe and I. Just for me they purchase a box of Splenda for my coffee and bought me a box of Shredded Wheat (the big size). For Lupe, they bought him some Doritos for his sack lunches.

When I phoned Lupe, to tell him what the kids did, he almost cried too. He was shocked.
We train the children to be givers, but never expected them to do something like this.

At the dinner table we discussed  things about budgeting and told them this is why we don't purchase all the snack food that is out there. My kids love fish crackers, Cheese-its and such but we purchase those maybe once every 3-6 months because not only are they expensive but not really good for us anyway.
It was really neat to see the children understand the value of a $1.00. To see them understand how quickly money can be spent. Most of all, to see their hearts.

Not one of them said, "I gave more." or "He only gave such and such amount."

It did come out that Lance, gave $0.77. He made us laugh when he said, "That's a lot of money." (you have to have heard him say it)

The children were so proud to eat the mash potatoes I made for supper that night because they had purchased them. You should have seen the smiles on their faces.
The next day when I cut up and apple and added it to my vanilla yogurt. The apples and yogurt that they purchased. They had big smiles.

Editing to add that Joshua said, Caleb splurged and purchased the Supreme Lemon Bar mix. It was hard to add it to the cart but they did ;)

Week 29

I love that Josh, is so into Math-Whizz. Here he's watching Caleb play.
Normally, Joshua doesn't care to use the computer for school. He really took to Math-Whizz.

Brent, learning his fractions with under-garments again.
 Moving a brazier. Guess, he'll never forget his fractions.
 I asked him to give me a smile.
Brent, also completed five Teaching Textbooks lessons. 

Ethan, thinking how to spell a word.
 He scored 100% on his spelling test.
 Yesterday, Ethan, scored an 82% in math (lesson 11). Today, I went over the lesson with him using his workbook. To help with with problems like 'what day would it be four days after Tuesday' we used the flashcards that I made. We first practiced the months of the year then the days of the week.
We also practiced vertical, horizontal and oblique lines.
The second time around he scored 100%. He then completed lesson 12 and passed with a score of 95%.

 Today, we practiced adding a suffix to words using Saxon Phonics. I stretched this lesson out for two days. I thought the extra practice would be a good thing!

Another week done!