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All About Reading

I was a little bit nervous about ordering All About Reading Pre-1 for Lance. I believe the target age is between 4 and 5, maybe a 3yr. who is ready. My Lance, is 6yrs. old going on 7yrs. in August. Now that I have it in my hands, I think it's going to work out great.

I'm going to ask my sister Ruth, if she would like to have it for her children once we are done with it.

I love the teacher manual. For every lesson it has a picture of everything you'll need. For instance, lesson 1. It shows a picture of the activity sheet, The Zigzag Zebra book and the puppet. It tells you what pages to read in the zebra book. The manual is scripted so you know exactly what Ziggy the Zebra is suppose to say.

The program comes with two posters. Both have the complete alphabet. One with capitals and the other with lowercase letters. Everyday, you have the child point to the letter you are working on and sing the alphabet song to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb.

The program consist of three parts. Part 1 has 26 lessons and introduces the capital letters. Part 2 has 26 lessons and introduces the lowercase letters and Part 3 25 lessons and introduces the sounds of the letters.

With Lance, I hope to accelerate him through the program. I'm not exactly sure. Here are some thoughts.

With Part 1. Introduce two letters a week. Day 1. introduce the letter, read the story, sing the alphabet song and color the activity sheet. Day 2. continue with the same letter as Day 1. sing the alphabet song and finish the activity sheet (on the back of the activity sheet there are optional things, like add googly eyes). Day 3. introduce the next letter, activity sheet, sing alphabet song. Day 4. continue with Day 3's letter, finish activity sheet, sing song and play game. Day 5. finish anything from previous days that we didn't get to.

Continue completing 2 lessons a week with parts 2 and 3. If continued in this fashion it should take Lance, 21 or 22 weeks to complete.

Another option and I don't know if this a good idea or not. It may work because Lance, is older. Take a week with each letter, but introduce all three parts in that week. Capital letter, lowercase and the sound. This would probably take 26 weeks to complete.

Another option would be to introduce the capital letter on Monday, lowercase letter on Tuesday, next capital letter on Wednesday, next lowercase letter on Thursday and Friday finish any make-up work.

I'm not trying to rush Lance. He is older and I think he can handle more than a four or five year old can.

The only thing that concerns me is the program has the sequence for a reason, so maybe I shouldn't change things.

For now I'll start it as written and see how Lance, does but I'll keep my options open ;)

I am going to add Handwriting Without Tears K too. I'll keep it in the same order as All About Reading. This is one reason why I'd like to do all three parts in a week. I can spread out the games, activity sheet, sounds and handwriting sheets. (kind of like Letter of the Week)

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  1. Yay! I'm glad that it arrived and you like the Teacher's Manual. We are just doing 4-5 lessons each week and progressing as we can. I'm sure that you will find your niche with Lance.

    Have a wonderful Resurrection Weekend!


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