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I'm trying to incorporate copywork into our school days. I'm no expert but thought I need to start somewhere while I learn.

Yesterday, I had Ethan, my 2nd grade student copy part of a Bible verse. Today, he'll copy the second part. I put dots to help him remember where to start his letters.
In case you can't tell..........I wrote the words and he copied below my model.

Caleb, copied a poem from his Spelling Workout book.

Tomorrow, I'll dictate the poem to him. I dictated sentences from Phonics Pathways to him. I'm not sure if that counts but I thought it's a least a start until I figure things out.

Brent, copied a poem yesterday. I made the mistake of walking away. When I came back he had letter 's' backwards in some words, didn't capitalize the first word of each stanza and forgot the commas. I have since learned by listening to one of Susan Wise Bauer's lectures that I need to stand and watch him. When he makes a mistake it can be corrected immediately.
Today, he's going to copy the same poem. I'll show him his work from yesterday and point out the errors so he can see what he needs to pay attention to.

Josh, would like to copy the Declaration of Independence. I'm not sure where to start Annette. Maybe some Bible verses from her AWANA book.


  1. Copywork is a great way to improve spelling, basic form skills (capitalization and punctuation), handwriting skills, and diligence. :^) I've been doing it with my girls for about three years now (they are almost 9 and almost 10) and the investment early-on (when you hover, lol) does pay off - so stick with it. :^)

  2. Linda, I fully believe that there is no perfect way to do copywork. Just keep at it and it really does improve their attention to punctuation and detail. Just a little bit a day is so helpful! :) Keep up the good work!


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