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Day 138

Ethan, completed Saxon Phonics lesson 82. He practiced some more of the vlcv rule. We used words like fiber and fever. Ethan, spelled words, coded and read them. Ethan, isn't feeling to well today, so he didn't read the paragraph at the bottom of the page yet. Maybe after nap.
 For spelling he copied a sentence. Again, because he wasn't feeling well, I didn't have him complete the whole page. He can finish tomorrow.
 He did a few rows in his penmanship book.

Lance, is feeling better. He's still coughing but thankfully his earache is gone.

Today, Lance, counted to 23. I also have him count the gems as 2-ten-3, to help him better understand place value.
 For the story problem we use the gems as well. Lance, still has trouble with his motor skills.
 His completed page.
Lance, saying the /o/ sound.

Caleb, completed two lessons in math (Bob Jones). Hopefully Wednesday he can take the test. This unit consist of telling time, Roman Numerals and temperature. This is more review than anything.

Caleb and Brent, completed pages 58-59 in Reading using Dancing Bears Fast Track. They are doing well. I'm wondering if they really need this review but as the same time I think it will improve their reading. The only thing I don't like about this program is the name Dancing Bears.
Below is a picture of the flashcards used with the Dancing Bears Fast Track program. The child learns sounds like 'ike' in like, 'oke' as in broke etc. It's different from what I have used in the past but that's what I like about it too. Caleb and Brent, don't feel like it's 'baby' stuff.

We use Soaring with Spelling a little differently concerning the pretest. Josh, likes to spell orally so this is one reason why we are tweaking it. I say the word, Joshua, spells it out loud, if it's correct he writes it on the left hand column, if he didn't spell it correctly he writes it on the right side.
The words written on the right side, are the ones he really needs to zone in on and practice. We also go over any spelling rules.

When one homeschools, a child can come to class with dirty feet.

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