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Day 141

Today, was a math day for Ethan. He completed two lessons from Teaching Textbooks (I sat with him). Lesson 3 he scored 100. Lesson 4 was a bit more difficult. He doesn't know all the months of the year in order or the days of the week (I know, bad mama!) so he scored 77.
I am happy to report that Ethan, now knows the days of the week, how many months in a year, weeks in month and days in a week. He will continue to practice the months of the year.
He had a bit of trouble with odd and even numbers. He knows the one digit numbers, but had trouble with two digit numbers. I explained that even numbers can be divided and odd numbers can't. We then went through all our ages to see if we are odd or even. I'm odd.
Ethan, fell asleep for nap saying, "Odd, even, odd, even....".  He also did a Saxon Math lesson.
 Ethan, studying the days-of-the week. I had him put them in order, then I would take four cards away. Ethan, would tell me which cards were missing.
 Ethan, wanted to code the word.

Brent, playing Math-Whizz.

Josh or Annette took this picture of Brent. I was laying down in my room and I heard the kids talking. I think it was Josh, who said, "Lets take pictures because mom like to blog about it." It, meaning what they are doing.

Here are the Baker Kids.
Joshua and Annette.
(Yes, Annette, has chocolate on her shirt)
 This was the first time they baked brownies all by themselves.
 My dad has told many stories of his Grandma baking pies and them cooling on the windowsill!

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