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Day 145

Tutoring Sessions for today:
  1. Teaching Textbooks 6 (TT)/Josh, went over long multiplication and division.
  2. Bob Jones Math 4/Caleb
  3. Fast Track Reading/Caleb
  4. Fast Track Reading/Brent
  5. Saxon Math 2/Ethan
  6. Saxon Phonics 1/Ethan
  7. Abeka Math/Lance
I thought I'd give you a peek at one of the older kiddos, since I don't take enough school pictures or write about them too often. It's hard when they are older and work more independently.

Here's Josh!
Hee, hee, what a close-up peek!
Josh and I went over long multiplication and division.
Below, I'm using our Base Ten blocks to demonstrate the division problem.
Josh has done long multiplication and division via Math-U-See and Math Mammoth but it's still not sticking. He seems to forget steps. I thought if I sat with him again and went over every step using the base ten set and using words like, 'hundreds, tens, ones' would help.
For instance the problem 762 divided by 3. I explained that the #7 is 700. I asked Josh, "If we have 700, which we'll say '7' to simplify the number, can 7 Oreo Cookies be divided among 3 people?"
I then had 7 one-hundred cards and had him divide them (pretending there were 3 people).
After he divided them, I asked, "Do you have any left over?" while showing him the extra 100 card.
On the whiteboard I wrote the #2 above the 7, which I explained was the hundreds place. We then multiplied and subtracted.
Since we still had that 100 card, I asked him, "Can we divide this among 3 people?" since we could not I exchanged them for 10 ten-bars and we continued with the problem in the same manner.
 Josh completing his Teaching Textbooks lesson.
This whole school year I have been stressing Place Value with every child when adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Today, Josh, said that it's been  helping him know what the numbers are. I was happy to know that stressing this is helping him with math.

Ethan, completing a Soaring with Spelling lesson.
 See how much he likes school? (yeah right, huh?) Actually, I asked him to give me a smile!
 While going over the picture cards, Ethan, mentioned that the fork card was his favorite (should have asked him why).
 Since, I was taking a picture of his favorite picture card, I thought to show you all his missing front tooth. He's been wiggling the tooth for weeks and yesterday it finally came out.
 Today, Ethan practiced his B's and C's.
 Ethan, completed a Saxon Math lesson.

Caleb and Brent, both completed three pages of Dancing Bears Fast Track.
 I'm not too fond of some sentences, like the one below.
The story line is not all that great, so we are skipping them.
I heard such good reviews with Dancing Bears that I didn't do a thorough enough research. Thankfully I purchased it used. With that said, I still like the method, just not the stories. We will continue.

Caleb, working on MCP Plaid Phonics.
 Lance, completing his math.


  1. Josh's close up is too cute! Your boys are handsome fellows! Thanks for the birthday wishes friend!

  2. LOL, what's wrong with smokes and beers? :^) I think it's really weird/funny that any curriculum would include examples like that!

  3. Hmm...that is an odd sentence. What curriculum is that?

    I hope that you have had some extra sleep and feel rested :)

    In His Grace, Tamara


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