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Day 146

Today, started off slow but I was able to fit almost everyone in. I still need to go over Joshua's math and Fast Track reading with Brent.

I sure picked some weird curriculum programs this year. I was walking into the kitchen. Brent, was finishing a lesson on the computer using Math Whizz. When I saw..............
 The little red one hanging on the line.
Math-Whizz is using under-garments or should I say unmentionables to teach fractions!
The one before this problem had underpants. The blue shorts there are boxers.
I have to confess that I almost laughed when I saw it. Who would think to use unmentionables to teach fractions?
Brent, didn't even notice, but I did show Josh, and we both had a good laugh. Too silly!

I am using Dancing Bears Fast Track to give my two middle boys a quick refresher with reading. Dancing Bears uses a method called Phonemes or synthetic phonics. Synthetic Phonics involves decoding or 'breaking' words into separate phonemes which can then be blended together to read a written word.
I didn't take the time to notice that the program uses the words, beer, pub, loan shark and sentences like this..

I've come to not like the name Dancing Bears either. I prefer to use D.B. Fast Track instead ;)
I still want Caleb and Brent to finish the program though. They only do the lessons but skip the stories.
The stories are not part of the lesson anyway (thankfully). The stories are intended as a reward. The kids haven't noticed that we are skipping them.

I was talking to Joshua, about D.B. Fast Track and the words noted above when, Joshua said, "Pub is drinking houses, right mom?"

Ethan, completed this Saxon Math page yesterday.

 Today's Soaring with Spelling work.
He also completed three Teaching Textbooks lessons.

Just some tidbits
Annette, made lunch for everyone today. Thank you ANNETTE!!!
Josh, is baking Banana Bread. Thank you JOSH!!!
The children are playing outside.
Suppose to get rain tonight.
I couldn't sleep last night, stayed up past 2:00 a.ma
I need to get off the computer now.

Have a good day! 

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