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Day 148

Annette, took three pretest in spelling (soaring in spelling). I let her pass two lessons because she new how to spell the words. The third pretest, she missed a few, so we stopped there.

I was on the phone with my MIL today. When we were done talking Ethan, had finished a weeks worth of Teaching Textbooks lessons. Four lessons and one quizz. He scored 95% on the lessons and 88% on Quiz 2.

Joshua and I  went over his math lesson from Friday, today he completed another from TT6 the workbook only. I need to correct them and go over any missed ones. He keeps missing long division and multiplication.

Brent, completed Teaching Textbooks lesson 9 and scored 91%.

Caleb, completed MCP Plaid Phonics.

Lance and I went over his Catechisms.

All children that are subscribed to Math-Whizz completed a few lessons as well.

I didn't get any tutoring sessions, other than math with Josh. I'm glad that all the children were able to complete math. This is one of the reasons why I like Teaching Textbooks. When we have a light day (usually Mondays) I know the children can still get in math (the older continue with their work but the younger ones usually get to have more free time).

As the year comes to a close, I'm having the older children concentrate more on Math, Spelling and Writing. The younger ones are zoning in on Math and Phonics.

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