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Ethan School for 3rd Grade

I stayed up too late last night. I'm a night owl. At night when all are asleep I can do my research and think. During the day there's so much going on and I don't want to be on the computer when the kiddos are awake.
I woke tired, so I decided to take a nap at 9:30 a.m. I woke a little past ten o'clock and started school.

This weeks been good.

Ethan, has completed 20 Teaching Textbooks lessons this week, which included two quizzes. New things he has learned since starting Teaching Textbooks:
  • finally memorized the days of the week and month
  • lines and line segments
  • horizontal, vertical and oblique line segments
  • rounding numbers to the nearest ten
  • pictographs
Ethan, has learned many of his add. and sub. facts via osmosis, the game Risk and from DreamBox. The first twenty-one lessons in Teaching Textbooks 3 are all simple addition and subtraction, so it's been a bit easy for Ethan in that area. He did get a few low scores because he didn't know the months of year by heart (now he does).

I can see, starting with lesson twenty-three things might slow down. He hasn't started double digit add. and sub. yet, fractions or carrying twice. These concepts will be introduced in the next few weeks.

Ethan, has also completed Saxon Phonics lessons 89-92 and three lessons of Soaring with Spelling.

I'm really excited for Ethan (and myself). He has about 47 lessons to go with Saxon Phonics and he'll have completed level 1. I hope to finish before Sept. so we can take a break for a few weeks before starting level two.
Soaring with Spelling.
 With some of the lessons in Saxon Phonics we do half the page orally, using the whiteboard. This is why sometimes not all of the worksheet is complete.
 Ethan, is doing really well with Saxon Phonics. Below are the review decks. They are adding up!

This year with Ethan, I focused on penmanship, phonics, math and spelling.
Next year I would like to continue with the above but add grammar, copywork, narration and writing. I would also like to add more read aloud time with Ethan.

For Ethan's 3rd grade year.

Bible-Big Truths for Little Kids and AWANA.
Phonics-Phonics Pathways and WinterPromise
Memory Work-Verses from AWANA and Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization and some selections from Easy Classical Schedule.
Grammar-WinterPromise Language Arts
Copywork-a mix of verses and what's included in other programs that we will use. I hope to blog more about this later and as we include this in the upcoming year.
Writing-PAL Writing from IEW
Spelling-Soaring with Spelling, writing spelling rules in a notebook.
Handwriting-not sure but may use Handwriting Without Tears for cursive.
Math-Teaching Textbooks
Read aloud and Literature- Easy Classical schedule.

I'm not sure how it's all going to fit in with me teaching the other children. This is why I'm so thankful that most of the kiddos math will be via dvds or computer. I really need the help.

I plan to use Easy Classical Main Schedule to help keep me going and accountable with some of the basics.
Ethan who will be in 3rd grade, will use the 1st grade schedule of Easy Classical. Because it's the first grade schedule I thought to add in a little more writing. My thoughts with the 1st grade schedule;(a)to keep both Lance and Ethan together for Bible and Read aloud. At first I was hoping that Lance, would have been further along with phonics, and penmanship but since that's not going to happen I had to separate them. (b) I plan to skip the 2nd grade schedule and move Ethan, to the 3rd grade Main Schedule for his 4th grade year (c) I thought it a better fit with grammar.
Ethan, hasn't had any formal grammar, I thought starting with Shurley 1st grade would be a good thing for him.
Basically the 1st grade schedule seems to fit him right now.

History and Science will be combined with what the older children will use.

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  1. I love staying up late for peace and quiet, too. I don't so much the next morning, but when it's quiet and dark and everyone is asleep and I can think and ponder and putz about, it's my favorite time. A cup of coffee (or wine), a little chocolate, a little music...it's very good!


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