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It's the Little Things

On the way home from work my hubby stopped at the grocery store. He bought my favorite cereal.
I like to warm up milk/rice milk or soy milk and pour it over two Shredded Wheats. Yum. Instant hot cereal. My mom use to eat it like that.
I use milk when I'm out of soy or rice milk. Regular milk doesn't always agree with my tummy, but just enough to eat my Shredded Wheat seems to be okay.
He also brought me Whipped Cream made with real cream! Yay, going to make a nice cup of coffee with that.
Thank you my Sweets!

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  1. Awww, that's sweet:) Mine went grocery shopping for me last night because I had hit Wit's End and we were out of milk. It is the little things that matter most:)


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