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Lance School/Day 154

I thought I'd start our school day off with Lance. Poor guy gets pushed to the back or doing night school.

We started with First Language Lessons Part 1 (FLL 1). His first lessons was on nouns. He didn't care for it but that's okay, we'll continue tomorrow with lesson 2.

Next he completed a lesson in All About Reading. He really likes Ziggy the Zebra.
Ziggy helps Lance learn about Phonological Awareness.

Lance, working on one of the worksheets. He is finding the letter a's and circling them.

 The instruction for the worksheet below was to color. Lance, colored an activity page yesterday, so today, we used the dot paints. We do not have the color brown, so the tree is blue.
 Lance, wanted to add green apples too.
 He also worked on printing the capital letter A.
He did so well. Look how nice and neat they are.

Before printing in his workbook I had him practice on the chalkboard.

I had him trace the letter a few times. Tomorrow he'll practice on the chalkboard again before writing in his workbook.

I still need to do math, memory work and Bible with Lance.

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  1. Love the picture of Lance with the Zebra :) It made me smile. And thank you for sharing the your photos...you know how much this Auntie loves to see them!


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