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Mostly Math Today

We had a light school day. We had to finish cleaning the house for an appraisal. Thankfully the children did get their math in.
Ethan, completed his first Teaching Textbooks quiz. He missed one problem. I did sit with him and he completed the work in his workbook.
Brent, completed Teaching Textbooks lesson 4 and scored 95%. So far he hasn't used the workbook. He'll probably use it more when he gets to adding and subtracting. Right now he is learning Place Value.

I'm still not sure if I'll continue with Teaching Textbooks with Brent, but I would like to with Ethan and Lance.

I'm torn between Bob Jones and Teaching Textbooks. I'm not sure if combining would work, since the whole idea to use Teaching Textbooks would be to free me up to teach other things. I guess I don't have to decide today.

With TT I do plan to teach some of the lessons, so maybe at times I can bring what I learn from Bob Jones Math to TT. I really love the way Bob Jones opened my eyes with some concepts and how I've learned more about place value. I have had fun learning or relearning math. It's an exciting thing. Like when I was learning more about the English language with Spell to Write and Read. That book help me to see the English language in a whole new light!

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