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School Day 139

Instead of my usual coffee, today, I'm drinking a Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. I felt like a cool drink. I have mine with lots of ice. If I drink it straight from the can, I get the hiccups and believe me, they can be heard down to the next block

Today, Ethan's Teaching Textbooks came in the mail. It's what he will use for his 3rd grade year. He was really exited. I let him try it out. He completed the first two lessons. The only con I see with Teaching Textbooks is the little animated cartoon figure. Ethan, likes to play around with it while the tutor guy is talking, so he gets distracted. I told him when the guy is talking he needs to listen. I like that there are drills included through out the course. I will have Ethan, continue to use MathRider for daily drills.
Ethan, also completed a Saxon Math worksheet. We used jewels for the story problem.
 Saxon Phonics lesson 83, Ethan, played bingo. I would say a word like 'bow' and ask him to find the ending sound. This was not so easy for him. He is doing well but it is getting a bit more difficult.
 I wanted to show you all how we coded the word supermarket. The one above is the word that Ethan, coded. He missed a few coding marks, so I showed him below. The only thing I forgot was the accent marks.
 Ethan, finished his Day 2 page of his spelling (Soaring with Spelling 1)

Lance, completed a math lesson. Yay!
Below (wearing the same shirt he slept in) he is completing his first lesson from Abeka Math 1.
 I found this workbook at Half Price Books for less then $8.00. I have enough math for Lance, to last through his first grade year. I told Lupe, I won't need to purchase any math for him. With McRuffy Math, Saxon and Abeka, I think we have enough to keep him busy for a while.
Lance, learns at a much slower pace then my other children, so having a variety of programs is actually working for him. Since he's still learning how to count and form letters, we just use the beginning pages from each and will continue on with which ever feels right. Use another to review and so forth. Sounds weird but it's working for now.
 His completed pages.
Our kitchen, is a schoolroom and, well, a kicthen :)
 Joshua and Annette, made an apple pie during thier lunch break today.

I was going to take a picture of Joshua's Pattern Based Writing assignment today but forgot. I'll post about it tomorrow.
The two older ones do most of their work on their own. I don't take as many pictures.

My tutoring sessions for today:
  1. Bob Jones Math 4/Caleb
  2. Saxon Phonics/Ethan
  3. Saxon Math 2/Ethan
  4. Abeka Math 1/Lance
  5. Soaring with Spelling/Ethan
  6. Fast Track Reading/Brent
  7. Fast Track Reading/Caleb
  8. Sat with Ethan, for his first Teaching Textbook lesson
I was tired. I forgot to eat lunch, so I'm scarfing down a banana right now.
I'm going to eat lunch now, bye for now

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