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I have been really lazy with our Bible time. I'm ashamed to admit it, but it's true. This past year I have not done nearly as much Bible with my children as I've done in the past. I could say I'm a busy mama but I know in my heart that it's me being lazy.

Last week, I was reading a book and thinking, "I should go over verses with Lance." but instead I kept on reading. I've done that more than once.

Other times Lance and I were free, instead of taking the time to go over his memory work and seize the opportunity I wouldn't.

I see this area of laziness in my life and I must change. I know some of it I have been tired lately but still, part of it is me not taking the opportunities.

It's more than Bible time. It's flowing out in other areas, like correcting my children or just spending more time with them.

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