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Wednesday, the children had a meeting in my bedroom. They wanted to surprise and buy their dad and I something.
Joshua, asked his grand-pa-pa if he would take take them to the store. Actually only Caleb and Josh went with him.

Imaging my surprise when they came home with $150.00 of groceries. I WAS surprised and almost cried.

Joshua and Caleb said, "They now understand why dad and I don't add a lot of extra stuff to the cart because it all adds up fast."
It was a really good learning experience for them.

They spoiled Lupe and I. Just for me they purchase a box of Splenda for my coffee and bought me a box of Shredded Wheat (the big size). For Lupe, they bought him some Doritos for his sack lunches.

When I phoned Lupe, to tell him what the kids did, he almost cried too. He was shocked.
We train the children to be givers, but never expected them to do something like this.

At the dinner table we discussed  things about budgeting and told them this is why we don't purchase all the snack food that is out there. My kids love fish crackers, Cheese-its and such but we purchase those maybe once every 3-6 months because not only are they expensive but not really good for us anyway.
It was really neat to see the children understand the value of a $1.00. To see them understand how quickly money can be spent. Most of all, to see their hearts.

Not one of them said, "I gave more." or "He only gave such and such amount."

It did come out that Lance, gave $0.77. He made us laugh when he said, "That's a lot of money." (you have to have heard him say it)

The children were so proud to eat the mash potatoes I made for supper that night because they had purchased them. You should have seen the smiles on their faces.
The next day when I cut up and apple and added it to my vanilla yogurt. The apples and yogurt that they purchased. They had big smiles.

Editing to add that Joshua said, Caleb splurged and purchased the Supreme Lemon Bar mix. It was hard to add it to the cart but they did ;)


  1. I love this post! That is so awesome that the kids would do something like this. You and Lupe were definitely blessed by your children! :)

    I've missed reading your blog every day. Work has been busy this week and so I have had no time to visit...even when I get home, I was too tired; but luckily this week has ended and I can now visit you (via blog) again. I missed you!

  2. That is amazingly sweet - and it took quite a bit of coordination between themselves (and with their grandpa). What a cool testimony of how they allowed the Spirit to work through them. :^)

  3. Truly a blessing of your heart training! What a special treat.

  4. Oh Linda! My computer busted and we ended up having to purchase a new one, so I couldn't post at all until now. I love this! This is such a testimony! What a blessings, what great kids! I'm in awe of this deed!


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