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Teaching Textbook with Bob Jones.....

Recently a friend asked how I liked Teaching Textbooks and it got me thinking..........maybe I should use it with a few of my students this coming year. The two students would be Ethan and Brent.

My original plans were to use Bob Jones 3 with Ethers and Bob Jones 4 with Brent.

I have TT3 and in my humble opinion it looks very good. By the middle of the year the child is introduced to multiplication. You can see the Table of Contents here.

I had Brent, take the placement test for TT4. He missed only two problems, so I had him take TT5 placement. He passed but had difficulty. I am going to start him with TT5 for the remaining of the year and through the summer.

I may combine the two programs (TT and BJ).  I like that Teaching Textbooks can be used via the computer. It's like having a math tutor right here at Homeschooling6. On those days when I can't get all my rounds in (all my tutoring sessions) I know that Brent, can pop in a cd and still continue on.

I like Bob Jones, because I had so many light bulb moments with using the manipulative (teaching Caleb) and the way the concept are presented. I am having fun teaching it. I was looking forward to teaching Bob Jones 5 to Caleb next year but since the dvds will be included with Annette's package I won't be teaching it.

Next year I do want to concentrate on other subjects like copywork, dictation, grammar and writing. Math is very important but if I can streamline, that would be very helpful to me.

What can I replace my math sessions with:
  •  Ethan, Caleb and Brent more grounded in grammar using Shurley English.
  • spend more time with Lance. Using his Phonics program to the fullest, plus adding in more memorization via Easy Classical. 
  • Like to have more time to teach history (Easy Classical) with my four younger children. Something I haven't done for a while.
  • Writing with Caleb and Brent. I want to sit down with them and go over the lesson. They'll use Easy Classical recommendations. IEW and Easy Classical's History writing program.
  • More involved with Joshua's writing. I need to get him ready for high school
Those are just some of the reasons why I would like to use dvds and online resources for Math.


  1. We love Teaching Textbooks :)

  2. I like the idea of combining TT with BJU! I think spiral and mastery go nicely together. I'm tossing around the idea of combining Math Mammoth Blue (topic) with Horizons. I've always been a big BJU fan, but I'm not sure where it fits for us next year. I may have to experiment a bit before deciding if BJU will fit for us next year or not. For now, I'm pulling in BJU chapters to go along with Time 4 Learning (as long as my child lets me know what she's working on in T4L, then I can tag team the 2 programs).


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