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Teaching Textbooks 3 or Bob Jones Math 3

Making those final decisions for next year. I was almost 100% sure I'd use Bob Jones Math 3 for Ethan, next year but now I'm thinking maybe I'll go with Teaching Textbooks 3. I like that Ethan, can use the computer to get math done. This will free me for Lance, my last little guy. Poor thing seems to get ignored school-wise these days.

Next years scoop on math:
  1. Joshua, Bob Jones Math 7 via Distance Learning (DVDs)
  2. Annette, Saxon Math 7/6 with Art Reed DVDs
  3. Caleb, Bob Jones Math 5 via DVDs
  4. Brent, Bob Jones Math 4, mom teaching.
  5. Ethan, Teaching Textbooks 3 via online (Cd) or Bob Jones Math 3 with mom teaching him.
  6. Lance, Bob Jones 1 or Saxon Math 2 and DreamBox Learning.
All children will continue to use  Math Rider and/or Math-Whizz or DramBox. The four older using Math Whizz and the two younger using DreamBox.

With teaching six children I need all the help I can get. Having the option to use the computer or dvds is a huge help. Especially when I am trying to teach little ones how to read and spell, teaching the older ones more formal grammar and writing skills.

Of course I'll be there to help when the children need me. Currently there are times when they don't 'get' something from Math Whizz, so I'll sit and go through a lesson with them to help them understand (I try so hard not to over explain :)

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  1. I vote for Teaching Textbooks. I love it and it is worth every dime. :)


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