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Teaching Textbooks Day

Since, I had some pictures of my children doing math today and it happened to be their Teaching Textbook math. I thought the title should have Teaching Textbooks in it.

Brent, completed a few lessons today. I was really excited for him or I guess I should say, I was excited it arrived today. I told Brent, I'd give him a candy if he did a lesson. He was already done with school, that's why the offer of a candy .

I sat with Ethan, today. We did his math together. I wanted to use our rods to show him ten and ones.

 His lesson included finding the days of the week. He still remembers them in order but thought it might help when there was a question like "Which day is between Monday and Wednesday?"  or "What day is it three days after Tuesday?"

Joshua, we only have the book.

I started Josh on Chapter 3 Simple Multiplication and Division. I read the lectures from lessons 13-17. Joshua is going to work only the multiplication and division problems.
This book (TT6) was Annette's. She had completed lessons 8-25, so I'm erasing what Josh, will use.

That was our first day with three children using Teaching Textbooks.
The kids will work through the summer with math. This is one subject that I don't let slide during summer time. I don't mean the children have to do math every. single. day but at least three times a week (maybe four)

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