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Week 27/Day 137

Week 27. Day 137. March 28th-April 1st, 2011.

Can't believe we have nine weeks left of school!!! I'm so excited. I think when we hit the 36 week mark we will take a week off.

It's been a busy week (as always).
Annette, Josh, Caleb and Brent, all had spelling test today. Annette, passed with flying colors and the boys all missed two words. The missed word will be carried over to next weeks list.

Today, Ethan completed another Saxon Phonics lesson. I was getting lazy and didn't really want to teach today, but knew I had too.
Lesson 81 was about learning the vlcv pattern. V, stands for vowel. The line is breaking up the syllable, 'c' is for consonant and the last 'v' is vowel. Basically he learned the rule to break a word into syllables to figure out how to read it.
I don't think he completely understood the rule but he has been introduced to it. We'll practice this again on Monday.
I didn't have Ethan, do the worksheet today. Instead we did it all on the board. Like I said, I was tired and wanted to get the lesson done. I know, bad mama. Ethan, was happy because he wanted to play outside.

Since I kind of gave a run-down of where all the children are at in this post and one can always scroll down to read the happenings from this week, I'm going to add today's pictures instead.

Here is Ethan, he completed a puzzle.
 Here are more designs.
 Can't believe my Josh, will be a teenager next month.
 Lance, relaxing on his bike.
 Annette, listening to an audio book. As you can see we are a bit behind the times. No small headphones
or MP3/IPods here.  
To tell you all the truth, I wouldn't mind upgrading.
 Brent, finding tinder for a future fire.

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