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Week 29

I love that Josh, is so into Math-Whizz. Here he's watching Caleb play.
Normally, Joshua doesn't care to use the computer for school. He really took to Math-Whizz.

Brent, learning his fractions with under-garments again.
 Moving a brazier. Guess, he'll never forget his fractions.
 I asked him to give me a smile.
Brent, also completed five Teaching Textbooks lessons. 

Ethan, thinking how to spell a word.
 He scored 100% on his spelling test.
 Yesterday, Ethan, scored an 82% in math (lesson 11). Today, I went over the lesson with him using his workbook. To help with with problems like 'what day would it be four days after Tuesday' we used the flashcards that I made. We first practiced the months of the year then the days of the week.
We also practiced vertical, horizontal and oblique lines.
The second time around he scored 100%. He then completed lesson 12 and passed with a score of 95%.

 Today, we practiced adding a suffix to words using Saxon Phonics. I stretched this lesson out for two days. I thought the extra practice would be a good thing!

Another week done!

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