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Week 30/Day 152

Week 30. Day 152. April 18th-22nd.
This week, Joshua, Annette and Brent did a lot of baking. They made homemade brownies, a chocolate cake, banana bread, cornbread and white bread.

Last week, Joshua made some really good banana bread. It was so moist and delicious. This week, his banana bread came out dry. He's not sure what happened, so he's going to investigate. Which means he'll be baking more.

Their brownies came out really good! They are taste better than the boxed.
Joshua, made a really yummy chocolate cake. Again, better than a boxed cake. He still needs to work on his cornbread making skills.
Brent, made two loaves of a basic white bread. The first one didn't rise like it was suppose to. The second one did but it still needs perfecting. It's been years since I've made homemade bread. I told Brent, we'll have to experiment and keep trying.

Schools kind of slowing down here at Homeschooling6.
Caleb, has about forty math lessons left. It feels so good as a teacher to complete something. With all the switching and figuring things out, we haven't always completed our workbooks.

This year (even though it's not over yet) the children have done a lot. I don't think Josh and Annette will complete every, single, lesson because we sort of pulled from different resources but they have accomplished a lot. I have saved most of their work and will show them how much they completed this year.

Ethan, sewing a button on his one, eyed, teddy bear.
 Awww, how cute.
 I know this may not go over well with some but he's my little monkey and he wanted to see how his bread was coming along.
Caleb, completing a math lesson.
Lance, is on the bed and Joshua and Brent are on the ladder.

I know my weekly reviews are really not very weekly. I'm having a hard time with how I should write my weekly reviews. It took forever when I was writing about every child and every subject per child.
Maybe, I should do a paragraph per child, with the highlights of that week.

I am proud of myself though, because I have been writing my Week in Review. This is the farthest I have ever gotten with writing my reviews.
Every year I would start but never finished.

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