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Week 31/Day 157

Week 36. Day 157. April 25th-29th 2011

This week I let the two older ones have a lighter week. They completed Math and Writing only. They also baked and helped around the house.

Caleb 4th Grade completed:
Four lessons of Bob Jones Math on fractions + two lessons on fractions from Teaching Textbooks + two pages of Math Mammoth on fractions.
Next week, he will continue with fractions using Math Mammoth and Teaching Textbooks.

Fast Track Reading 1 pg.
This week, I had him do some of Phonics Pathways. I went over some of the rules for review (when to double a consonant when adding 'y', when to use 'ch' and 'tch', long sound of 'u'.) I dictated sentences. I call this Spelling Dictation.
Below shows the sentences. I watched him spell each word. If he was having trouble I would give a few hints to help him spell the word correctly. For instance with the word 'beach' he wasn't sure which 'e' to use (ea, e, ee). I told him the one that makes three sounds and is a digraph. He then knew to use 'ea'.

His penmanship needs improvement. He actually writes nicely in cursive but because he still has to think how to spell a word it's easier for him to print.
Tuesday, I had him copy a short poem from his spelling book. Wednesday I had him copy it again and pay close attention to the spelling. Friday I dictated it to him.

I know it's not the greatest passage for copywork but it's a start. 
This week Caleb also copied a verse that he needs to learn for his Alert Cadet class.

He completed penmanship. 
Caleb, also completed his Spelling Workout lesson.

Brent 3rd Grade:

Brent, completed four Teaching Textbook lessons, 1 Fast Track Reading lesson, four pages of MCP Plaid Phonics and half a lesson of Spelling Workout.
Brent, copied a poem and a verse this week. I did Spelling Dictation with him using Phonics Pathways.

Ethan 3rd Grade:

Ethan, completed five Teaching Textbook lessons, copied an AWANA verse, took a spelling test and continued with the next spelling lesson, and completed three Saxon Phonics lessons.

Lance Kindergarten:

Lance, completed four lessons in grammar using First Language Lessons. He is learning about common and proper nouns and memorizing a poem called The Caterpillar. He completed a weeks worth of All About Reading. We concentrated on the letter 'A'. He learned about the capital and lowercase letters. He practiced writing the letter 'A' using Handwriting Without Tears. I reviewed the sound with him too. I read some cute poems and played some rhyming games using All About Reading.
For math he completed two pages from his Abeka workbook. He is learning how to form numbers and add 3+1, 1+3, 2+1 etc.

For P.E. this week Lupe, hooked up our Wii Fit Plus and the children have been using this for balance, strength and lots of competition with each other.

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